gloves 4 ww


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I use Laying Of Hands for ias and dmg against Demons

u wont benefit much from dracs since LT doesnt trigger when ww


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i dont think knockback on ww is a good idea since it pushes mobs away from you aka away from them being hit again

@strd :
they do have ll, str, life after kill and ow thats still useful for any melee char
besides that ias gloves on ww is useless since only weapon ias counts

so i would say soul drainers if you dont have any ml, dracs if you already have ml


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laying, or ghoulhide for areas with lots of undead

other gloves are ok, but these are the only ones that REALLY speed up your killing

Ce Olba

It's very useful in PVP.
Yet it's not worth the loss of damage via the lost OW.

Yes, you could have some pretty decent gloves with
+15 str
+20 dexterity
+20 Attack Rating
+40 Mana

And what would you gain? Well, 96 mana, 117 AR, 191 life. And you would lose some very good damage. IIRC Morotsjos counted that you would need 1704 physical damage on BOTH weapons to surpass the OW on Dracul's.



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Thundergod's Vigor belt is also very usefull for PvM when your getting attacked by mass Soul's during baal runs. Also It's nice in (some) PvP duels against attackers that use lightning. This, along with Ce Olba's choices you should go with.