Giving away my accounts


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Giving away my accounts

Accounts are Lambo1 and akicita on ladder

pass for both is the first thing most ppl do when they wake up in the morning.

if you get it right the accounts are yours.

not rich accounts but does have lvl 83 mf wind druid/80 hammidin with decent equip including an anniulus with 20 to stats/reapers toll/ few trangs armors /alomost complete nats ses etc etc

happy guessing and enjoy.

oh yeah the pass is 8 letters long / 2 words combined


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Can we have an update on whether or not the password was guessed right and changed so we can stop taking guesses?


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Damadreas said:
Who wants to bet it was openeyes. Obviously.

Get your minds out of the gutter 12 year olds.
It was kind of obvious, also only took a few seconds to figure out that it was on west due to that was the only server that both account names actually existed on. Didn't see this thread till too late tho. :(


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to whoever successfully guess his password, make sure you got his email address with which he register his accounts. if he sincerely wants to give his account, he will give his email address. otherwise, all he has to do is getting new password by press the button. and boom, he gets his accounts back along with your items.

just a warning.