giving away Ladder uswest


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giving away Ladder uswest

ehty 240% ed ribcracker.

I know that it is realy hard to sell this item off on bnet. And I know how good this item can be. So I want to give it away to some one that will actly use it. Also they must have the runes to elite and zod it. Those are my only 2 requirements for me to give them this item. No I am not trying to trade it. But if you give me some thing in return I will not turn you down. I just want this item to go in to the right hands and the people on this druid forum are it.

I will check back to this post once a day. Please leave your acct name and I will pick from who ever I see online Thurday witch is tommarow.


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i need it!

My ladder druid would love that! I have the first two runes ( pul and something) and i am conutess running in hell to get the zod. ( take forever).

My account name is magic_finder68 or magic_finder69

Ill check tomorrow at about 5:00 or so for a date to be online.

I would really be appreciative for that eth ribcracker:)