[Giveaway] [1.14d HC FAM]


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Used to hoard some random items thinking of different characters I would eventually make but I have recently realized what I enjoy most is playing through the game untwinked. As such, I was looking to offer up any of the items I have saved over time. It isn't much, but figured I could offer some keys items to anyone who might be looking for them.

Been slowly trimming down over time so not sure all thats left. Finally decided to get rid of it all either through giveaways or just delete the extra gomule stash. Difficult to go through and list every item I have, so feel free to ask! Just as a general idea of what I have:
  • Key unique and set items
  • Small "vita" and "good luck" charms
  • Skillers
  • Runeword bases
  • Dual leech or FCR rings with added stats
  • NO runes or gems (still keeping those for myself)

Hope this is all acceptable! All of the gear is for HC only as well.