girls responsibility, or guys responsibility?


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girls responsibility, or guys responsibility?

when 2 people (lets assume these are straight people.. or this thread has almost no point... well.. i take that back) engage in sexual intercourse, do you feel that it is the mans job to remember to use a condom (assuming they actually use one..), or do you feel that it's the females job?

i feel that it is the responsibility of both of the people, not one or the other, i kinda feel like it is almost a little more of the mans responsibility.. considering it is his wang.. but ya know :bonk:

yes.. granted.. there are female condoms, but they are quite a bit more expensive than male condoms.. so lets say we're talking about just male condoms right now

no flaming.. please? :thanks:


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if he doesnt remember, and she doesnt tell him they obviously arent responsible enough to be sexually active in the first place.
the last thing i need is another bastard son of two ignorant a-holes who didnt think the condom was important enough to remember to get/use and now my tax dollars go to thier welfare checks because thier now so poor having another mouth to feed and live in some god-forsaken hovel in south hamtramck with rats and bugs and crackheads all because they were too blinded with lust to put the jimmy-hat on
*kids remember to wrap it up or jesus will kill you in the face* :rant:


The guy's. It's his trouser-trout, his responsibility. I don't go around carrying diaphrams.

Besides, if you keep it wrapped in plastic like your grandmother's couch, by the time you're 80 it'll look brand new!


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I guess I'd have to say both. But if the girl's on The Pill, or some other form of contraceptive, I'd have to say it's a little less of a responsibility. Although, there is still the danger of those evil STDs, so a condom would also prevent against that. If you know that neither of you have any, and there's some other form of contraception at work, then condom is not so needed.
Like my gf, first time, we used a condom, and the next time, and just now(been going out for like 5 days now) I found out she's also on the pill, but I'll still keep using a rubber.
anyway, yeah, both parties are responsible for protecting each others' asses

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If neither thinks it's important, neither needs to bring it up, if one does and one doesn't, than the person who does needs to bring it up, if they both think it's important, than it'll be a non-issue.


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I say both. Usually a couple has sex because they both want to. If you want to do it, you gotta take the right precautions. Don't be a fool, wrap your tool.


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It takes two to tango, so...

In a steady relationship a discussion and agreement should be reached re: who's going to do what. Redundancy isn't a bad thing in this situation.

In a spontaneous situation a condom is the best answer, and again it takes two, condoms aren't that hard to keep on hand whether you're male or female. But obviously the guy is going to be the one to wear it.


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I am sorry, but guys dont "forget" to use a condom. It isnt like there is no difference in feeling or look or something.


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anyway, yeah, both parties are responsible for protecting each others' asses
Most hilarious double entendre ever.

And for making me laugh, I'll give you the clap. :clap:

See? I can do it to. :lol: