Hey there, my name is o_O and I'm new to the SPF. I'm a big sports fan, especially cricket and league. For an yAussies or Kiwi's out there, I'm a huge Cowboys and Warriors fan and I support Queensland in the SoE.
That'll do for now.


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Welcome to the SPF TehKree...Relax and grab a beer from the EMB!

The Warriors 'seem' to have improved this year, at least you don't hear the news say...'Yet another loss for the Warriors' :confused:



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Welcome. Does that mean that you're from NZ? I hail from wellington originally, But i'm a JAFA now.


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Hey hey welcome TehKree :thumbsup:

im a fan of the cowboys as they used to always be the underdog and pull some awesome games out of the bag (of nowdays they are a lot more consistent!)
NSW for the origin though! cant wait (i reckon the origin is better than the interentional games by far!)

watch your shins :p


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Greeting and Salutations TehKree. :)
Enjoy your stay here with us. You follow League but what about that better Sport "Aussie Rules"
FYI: The Bulldogs will pwn you all this year :p

- Jas :howdy:


greenmind said:
Good to see another aussie on the boards.
*kills greenmind in teh face*
'sif Aussie could produce a product as wondeful as I. I'm 100% Kiwi grown.

Edit: @Slothman: My shins? Pfffft. Solo's banned and Frosteh doesn't have the balls to kick my shins ^^ (Technically speaking I lied in my intro, I'm not new to the SPF. I used to post here a lot a while back but I got sick of D2 and left)


TehKree said:
Edit: @Slothman: My shins? Pfffft. Solo's banned and Frosteh doesn't have the balls to kick my shins QUOTE]

You think that will deter the raging mad-eggman known around these parts as farting bob? Friend, I reluctantly feel I must inform you that your shins may as well remove themselves from your legs and hightail it for the horizon. Beware the gaseous one, is my advice.

Do you like beautiful bald women? Monkeys?

- Noodle