Ghetto MF Gear Suggestions


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Ghetto MF Gear Suggestions

Hi there,

I'm looking for suggestions for ghetto gear that will allow a pure Meteor sorc to run Meph. Harle, Skullders and Occy are probably not an option and maxblock is not desired. Looking for decent FCR, Resists and probably around 150-250MF. I can't think of a decent combination of gear that'll allow for that, so input is very much needed.


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tals belt
ryhme(sheal + eth) / lidless
Lionheart (HelLumFal) / or any other good armor
chancies or other gloves
Waterwalks maybe
raven frost
resist jewelry


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A Wizardspike would probably be the most useful item you can acquire if you are beginning to do MF. They are far more common and less valuable than Harlequin Crests, Skullers and Occy. Also gives a healthy boost to mana as well. The main problem with this item is that it usually drops in hell. Baal in nightmare can drop this item as well.

Some people have complained about finding too many of these (not me) so you may be able to get one cheap.


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Now, if you mean MF'ing Hell Meph in straight ghetto gear, you're probably asking a bit much. You'll need one good item, and as UselessOne said, it'll be a wizardspike. After that, you can get by with some pretty amazingly poor items, and have maxed resists in Hell, good FCR, and impressive MF numbers. Though I'd personally recommend running NM meph for a bit to improve the casters wardrobe first.

Weapon: So your weapon is a wizzy. Socket it with whatever you think is your weakpoint.

Shield: Your shield revolves around some shopping, or ID'ing blues. Get yourself a Chromatic shield (21-30% resist all) of whatever suffix you like. (I like blocking, but you don't. Pick your favorite, or none at all.) Give it to Lazruk to socket, and hope for 2. Throw 2 perfect diamonds into it, and you'll have another 58-68% resists. Think of it as a poor man's Mosers.

Armour: Body armour is a 4 socket gothic plate. Dusk Shroud works, too, but requires 7 more strength. 4 topazes later, and you're at 96% mf.

Helm: For the helm, you got a choice: real cheap, or a bit less cheap. A 3 socket mask/crown and topazes gives 72% mf. A Topaz-socketed Tarnhelm will take a bit more effort to get, but the mf can go up to 74%, and it has +1 skills.

Belt: Beat up Normal Baal 'til he drops a Goldwrap. You're gonna be leveling there anyways, so keep an eye out for one. If not, use the belt to buff up your life and/or resists, if needed.

Gloves: Chance Guards here, or even a rare with mf on it. ID all the rares Normal Baal drops while you level up, and you'll be suprised what good ghetto gear you'll find.

Boots: Rare w/ rw, mf, and whatever else you need. Same as gloves. If you level in cows, keep an eye out for Cow King Boots.

Jewelery: Get two rings with 10% FCR, to break the 63 Breakpoint, if that is an aim. Any other mods that can go on it are gravy, but mf ones are what you want. If the ammy gives FCR, get a Nagelring. If it's a pair of rings, go for a mf ammy, or a +skills. Both is best. Gamble to get them all.

Now if you choose:

Chromatic shield
Socketed Armour
+3 skills Ammy
rare boots w/ rw, ~20%mf
two FCR rings.

and if you do all 3 Anya Quests, you'll have:

Resist: 163-173% resist all (the other bit can be made up with a few single resist charms, easy to get)
Fast Cast: 70% (If you dont need to hit 63, just replace rings w/ more mf)
Magic Find: ~250% (depends on how good of variable mf items you get)
Skills: +1 to all, +4 to your tree

And this is discounting any other bonuses from rare boots, other charms, etc. And it is damn cheap, and you still have a socket free on your weapon.)

Hope this gives you some ideas of ghetto MF gear.


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differ at a few points

Araquiel said:
Belt: Beat up Normal Baal 'til he drops a Goldwrap. You're gonna be leveling there anyways, so keep an eye out for one. If not, use the belt to buff up your life and/or resists, if needed.

Gloves: Chance Guards here, or even a rare with mf on it. ID all the rares Normal Baal drops while you level up, and you'll be suprised what good ghetto gear you'll find.
For the belt both Nightsmoke and Tal's belt are better options than Goldwrap. If you can get Wiz you can get both these much easier. The damage to mana mod will help you teleport better, especially if you don't block.

I recommend Magefists over some piddly 30-40% mf. It saves you the FCR jewelry spots for resists. If anything decent mf jewelry such as Nagel and mf amulets have much more mf than Chance Guards.

So you don't block, huh. How exciting. I assume you'll be dodging Mephisto or take the time to soup up your merc. I would hope you take the pains for your merc, cause dodging is not easy and you'll die from Meph before you'll die from bad teleports. Oh wait we're talking about a char from scratch, forget the merc. :( You'll need major DR for the merc to work.

Unless of course you're a chicken and use the moat. Or your belt somehow magically replenishes rejuvenation potions.

Also I'd recommend getting more res in your equipment or charms to make up for a weapon switch. Use a high res shield and either Ali Baba or Gull. Both these are also cheaper than Wizard Spike and shouldn't be too hard to find.

Personally I think max block is the way to go with Meph. Nothing on the way there will one-hit or even two-hit kill you with 200 less life. If you have ES without block, that first hard hit will drain you like a mofo. I got hit that first time and immediately made a block sorc. Of course without ES you're nuts for fighting Meph.

So if you're fire it looks like the moat trick for you :) Get ES and remember Meteor >> Firewall.

Edit: like to stress one thing. You say "pure" Meteor. Does that mean fire tree only? Please get Energy Shield cause without it you'll die and you'll die very soon. Using the moat trick you won't get hit by Meph but on the way there you'll get hit plenty.

One more thing. Someone mentioned Rhyme. Don't do it unless you're sure to not get hit by Meph, as in the Moat trick. If you switch to Rhyme from Wizard Spike your res will go to hell. Meph is mostly lightning and cold and he'll kill you right before you deliver that last blow. 25% mf is not worth the risk. But then you're going with the Moat trick right :)


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Cheap "get to monsters" gear:
tarnhelm ptopaz :D
Rhyme Shield/Lidless
Bad Vipermagi/Stealth armor TAL+ETH
MF rings/amu (gamble a bit)
rare boots or cheap setboots with frw/+stamina
gloves bloodfist/magefist/frostburns or lowmf chancies (are all cheap!)

Ali Baba (really cheap almost a present from some)
Gull (100%mf from lvl4 upwards :p) not too cheap but affordable

If you are willing to switch more gear by opening a TP when the boss is alreay low on life from your killing gear:

4 ptopaz armorr
3 topaz helm

when you are a bit trained with this it takes like 10secs to swap gear ;)

Most important of all on getting down to the bosses -> FCR. get at least 63% for the fcr breakpoint. This corresponds with the reaction time of monster near you to even be able to hit you, so will almost always escape their wrath. Teleport like crazy. when you have aquired soem skill you can just keep your finger on the button for Teleport and tele all the way. sometimes mouspointer will land on doors or chests that way, then you have to reclick. Otherwise just keep the button pressed. works wonders :D


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Thanks for all the suggestions! At first I didn't want to go for wizzy, but it really helps a load. Only need the Magefists for the 63%fcr bp now, which leaves room for:

3PT Mask
4PT Gothic Plate
Tal Belt
2x crappy Nagel
and currently an Ancient's Pledge.

Just looking for an Ali Baba now. Funny how one piece of equipment can make or break a char :)


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right, startequipment for a new char, for a sorc should be a w-spike!
think of it, blizzard!!!


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Oh, Blood_and_Iron, yes, moat trick all the way for me. Meteor, FM, FB and synergized ES. See, I tried running just about everything there is, including Dia Hell with a Javazon (usually have to abort the run at Infector of Souls ~~) and always thought I could get around Meph for piling up on items. I hate hate hate Durance2 and thus didn't do Meph yet. Now, I'm kinda proud that I don't use MH, so these runs will put me at a risk and I guess I'll die sooner or later. Since I don't want to find this out after I traded the few valuable items I own for "good" MF gear, I wanted to build the sorc as cheap as possible and possibly with only gear I already got.

Anyway, at level 66 now and "practised" the run in NM. So far it works like a charm. Usually burn through 2-6 manapots while looking for Durance3 but it works. Now time to gain some levels and try the same thing in hell :)


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lem + ko + tir = wealth runeword, used in armor

100mf and some other mods. pretty cheap source of mf.


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Alright ill let u on a little secret...

Tals Armor(ptopaz)
Tals Belt
x2 Nagels
Shako (ptopaz)
tals ammy
x2Ist Ali Baba
Rhyme Rune Word Sheild
War Travs

*Note* 3 pieces of tals not only give great reists/skills but together give 65% more mf , with charms and this gear u have many skills and anywhere from 800-1200 mf easy ( also for first weapons use occy and ss/lidless then swap before kill)