Gheeds from Nihlathak


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Gheeds from Nihlathak

Was not sure if to put this into the newcommer thread, or the trader value thread, since my question is of both natures.

based on the fact I am still learning a lot from this forum, I though I put this in here.

We all know some charms are worth more than others, based on the fact they drop from one of three boses ; Baal, Nihlathak or diablo.

Now, Gheeds charm is unique in itself. Does it add to the value if it is dropped by Nihlathak? Can it be rerolled to get better value?

Just curious.:scratch:


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No, you can only reroll magical items and (with a different recipe and in a different way) rares. Gheed's is Gheed's, no matter which monster dropped it.