Gheed's Fortune Unique Charm


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IIRC, my first was from a normal monster in the inner cloister/church. I've had a couple from Hell Meph, a couple from Pindle, a couple from Countess, 1-2 from the Pits, and a few from various questing sources in Hell.

I also traded to aquire a perfect MF one, once upon a time - from salvo, IIRC.


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Well, I don't pick up any Gheeds with MF<38, it's not worth the hotmuling. But when I run Hell Andy in SoJ mini-MFO, I got around ten of them in one weekend.


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My first one dropped in Hell Act 2, Far Oasis region. I can't remember if it popped from a chest, a monster or a hork.

I think all of mine (3) have been from Hell Meph. Don't presume that because forumites got things off a given boss that the boss has a better chance. It depends on how often that boss is run and what their drop chance is like. People run Hell Andy because her jewelry drop isn't watered down by higher level items. Besides that, I imagine many will come from Meph, since Meph is probably the most run boss in the game.
Supporting this statement, 3 others dropped from Mephisto during MFOs and general MF running.

I don't hot mule, but replace with better MF. Currently on 37 MF/141 Gold/-14 Vendor.



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The only one I found came from pindle during the pindlethon. Increased my MF by 12% :grin:.


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1 in the Forgotten Tower (Hell)
1 from Andariel (Hell)
2 from Pindleskin (Hell)

The last one from Pindleskin just dropped this morning. Teaches me not to run with a Gheeds already in my stash so I can have more than one overall (had to sell the other three :sad2: )


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All over the damn place.



Once you've played for awhile they fall all over the place. I've popped buckets, from Meph, from Pindle, from random monsters ... in the Pit, Ancient Tunnels ... wherever.

I don't even collect them anymore as I have an almost perfect Gheeds. I just drop mine, pick up the new unidentified one and invariably it's worse so I drop it and re-equip the old one and move on.



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unlike DC i know how many i've found, 32, ALL in use on active chars :p more chars wanting some, of course meph rocks to drop them i had 3 in 3 days recently, of course anything that has a good chance to drop uniques can get there, its only a grand charm in the end

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I think I've got all of mine (4) from Hell Mephisto. But then he's really the only monster I've actually run with any sort of regularity.


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I've gotten one from hell diablo and hell meph and I've seen some drop from hell baal. Hell diablo also gave me an Arkaines once, and I've killed him less than 100 times probably, so he's my best bet.