Gheed's Fortune Unique Charm


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Gheed's Fortune Unique Charm

For those who've been fortunate enough to have one drop, where did it drop for you?


chest right next to hell meph, meph himself, hell andariel, and I think I got one from hell cows too


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iirc its a lvl 67 require. look for monsters that have a little bit above that lvl. (im too dumb to know those areas in the game. look it up)


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Hell Andariel here. I was looking for one, and somehow found it. :grin: Took quite a few runs, but had great map layouts.


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I found my only one so far from the Hell Chaos Santuary. There was a pack of various monsters and after they were dead it was there so I can't say who dropped it.



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My first came from Hell Mephisto, or something in the Durance of Hate. I no remember. :\

Since then I've found like ~15 all over Hell.


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I found my first Gheed's yesterday from a corpse in Lower Kurast. I was running the super chests for runes on players/8 and I think I actually tripped over the corpse!


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My ~30 Gheed's have come from all over in Hell, maybe a couple in nightmare.

Hell Andy is a great place to get them.

Sint Nikolaas

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Stop bragging DC :wink3:

I agree though, all over Hell, maybe late NM, just run a random Hell Boss and you'll have one in a limited amount of time.


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I've never had one drop from a SU or act boss, but they drop like rabbit poop from normal monsters in Hell for me.


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I think all of mine (3) have been from Hell Meph. Don't presume that because forumites got things off a given boss that the boss has a better chance. It depends on how often that boss is run and what their drop chance is like. People run Hell Andy because her jewelry drop isn't watered down by higher level items. Besides that, I imagine many will come from Meph, since Meph is probably the most run boss in the game.

Pom Shadd

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I havn't found any in SP yet, but when I played ladder, I found 2 (in about 3 weeks of casual mf-ing), one from Hell diablo (37%) and one from a random monster in the chaos sanc (40%).


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Hell Meph has dropped two of my best, but I don't remember for sure who dropped the other ones. In total I've got 4 or 5 of them. Only two has been saved because only two of my characters have found these charms. One with -14% vendor and 35% MF, other with -15% vendor and 26% MF. I usually look at the -vendor price, the MF is more like a bonus.


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I have 3 from Hell Meph. Do some MF runs and you shouldn't have to wait that long.