GG Wind Druid Help


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Awrooooooo? need to go a little more in depth for what you need help with , check the Druid guide section stickied at top too for any info you cant find.


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Alright I have played diablo since d1so im more r less good at this game i mostly played Druid b4 i quit a while back...Im starting up again on ladder this time and rebuilding a druid.
The fact that im restarting im not sure if theres new tips r items out thats better then wut im thinking about.

This time im restarting for profit so i will b pvm mostly and as i go, i hope to be of help to all the druids makers that arent as advanced as others.

K so heres wut im thinking about for a Godly PvM Ele Druid

Helm - Id go with a circ 3/20/20 for legit
Weapon - Hoto (for basic) I would suggest Spirit sword
Belt - Spider
Armor - Enigma (Arch or Mage)
Gloves - Mage r Trangs (Im more with Mage)
Boots - Shadow Dancers for the stats added r Treks (good stats)
Amulet - GG Druid Ammy or Mara's
Rings - Soj's (if u have all fhr fcr needed) or FCR rings
Shield - SS (For max block) Spirit (FCR/FHR)
Weapon Switch - CTA And Lidless or Spirit

Torch/Anni/9 Ele Gcs

and as for small charms w/e i c fit

now this is legit gear so u cant go that godly...

If u were to use non legit which i think isnt accepted on here... i would suggest 08 Valk/Wizzie's Rings like Bone Loop and such

With this post i need the help off GG Ele Druids to respond on wut would b best gearfor a PvM Ele Druid and i mean GG ive got the ressources needed and i can afford pretty much anything.

Im also debating on Spirit r SS (im going towards SS for max block cause if im pvm ill barely get hit and clear as fast)

Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. TY



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That's the thing Kuba i have check everything but its mostly the basics...
Im not new at Ele Druid its just now im richer then ever so i can afford what i couldnt before thats where i need all your help.

I'm hoping to make the godliest Druid


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looks good. Remember that for pvm tho, u'll probably not be using 9 eles, since u need space for picking up junks. Lol just a reminder, cause I forgot about this (i'm also pvp so its alright). As for shield, I'd take spirit, so u can reach 16x fcr, which helps a lot for teleing I noticed.



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so for pvm u wouldnt really need block then?

i just want the best druid out there again lol

what are the bp again 99 then 160? for fcr



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For PvM I would choose FCR over block anyday..

FCR bp = 163/99/68

FHR bp = 99/63/42 (With Hoto)


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i see if u dont mind could u tell me why you would pick fcr over block what are the advantages?



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ok i think i might have this a bit clearer now using all the gear im thinking about i would have:
i would go for max block (anyone no how much dex that it?)
id most likely have max dr (ber'd ss and enigma)

now if i wanna go for 163 fcr it would meen i dont have max dr or max block so im not sure on the disadvantage there but im thinkin that i will go pvp for sure but mostly get myself profit so ill pvm....Now i was thinking that i could just switch ss and spirit depending on how i feel no? they both need 156 str so if i use spirit my fcr rings and a fcr ammy (which is the only way to hit 163 if im correct) it wil b for teleport and casting but if i switch to maras ss ill have max block max dr.

Would this work or would i loose to many stats by maxing block?



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EndofDayz said:
i see if u dont mind could u tell me why you would pick fcr over block what are the advantages?

simply because your main attack is tornado (no delay.) For PvM imo. killingspeed is essential

FCR = faster teleport, quick re-cast, and very spamable main attack

Max Block (PvM) = one less pot

With cyclone armor u won't have to worry about res. With hurricane, minions, and teleport u won't have to worry much about melee and range.


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Very true ok thx alot and if yoread my previous post do yothink this would work... What are your opinions on that?



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Yes I think it would work.
And you would proberly be able to PvP a little.

.....besides he's not bad at 99FCR Bp

note/info: you need a shield with fcr in order to hit max fcr. (When using Enigma)


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Thx for all your help maxmax

I just looked at some gg gear and i got my setup should be one of the most powerfulDruids in the game

Max Dr
Max Block
163 fcr
85 fhr so far thats not including the charms i could get to boost it....What are the bp for fhr again?

all in one build.......Life and Mana should b good also

imma post here how well he does when im done building em



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what equipment will you be using to reach all of those bps? im currently making a windy and would like some advice on godly pvp windy gear.


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well im like REALLY rich plus the items im using arent legit or permed so i dont really reconmend em lol unless u got stuff to waste

heres wut im using tho

Helm - 08 Valk (30 Fhr 30 Fcr)
Armor - Mage Enigma
Belt - Spider (20 Fcr)
Gloves - Wiz Glove 50 Fcr)
Boots - Imps (20 Fhr)
Weapon #1 - Perf Spirit (35 Fcr 55 Fhr)
Shield #1 - Storm Shield (ber'd)
Rings - Strom Loop and Entropy Touch (not sure on the rings yet depends on str and dex) (10 Fcr each)
Amulet - Crafted 1 (with at least 13 Fcr if u use these exact items)
Weapon #2 - Perf Cta
Shield #2 - Spirit
9 Ele gcs /w life
Scs (w/e u want really my guy isnt made full yet so this is where imma put w/e im lacking)

Very expansive gear lol but im answering your answer....hope it can help



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lol a well what can i say

one non legit chars for little noob assholes out there and a legit java for the respect duelz



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hmm it doesnt get more GG then that man lol im ladder also ladder uswest
all the other gear is cookie cutter so ionno

GG 3/20/20 circ
Mage r trangs
2 x fcr rings
fcr ammy
hoto r spirit
ss or spirit

it all depends on what kind of build you want what bps you want him to have and u want lots of fhr of fcr maybe you want max block and max dr for melee or 163 fcr for casters you no what i mean.

tell me what kind you want and ill try helping you out more