Getting Rich: A Uber Guide to Gain from Nearly Nothing ifr


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Getting Rich: A Uber Guide to Gain from Nearly Nothing

Welcome! I played diablo for a while, then quit when it seemed I never got anywhere magic finding. I then started back up a few months ago with nothing at all, and had the goal of completing this uber trist quest, over and over again. With that in mind, I devised a plan to spend as little as possible while making a comprehensive killing team. In the end, the build cost me less than 3 sojs worth, but some of my items were given to me. I nreality though, this build isn't more than 6 at the most, and if you really try hard, you may get it for less.

Getting Keys:
Each key is found on a semi-boss in Hell difficulty, them being:
Key of Terror - The Countess
Key of Hate - The Summoner
Key of Destruction - Nilhithak

The "key" to getting keys starts with the first character of my team: the Whirlwind IK Barbarian. Lots of life, big damage, including physical along with each other element, high defense ad other great stats. He will be your main keyrunner, and secondary trist runner. A ver versatile character who can handle every situation.

Gear - Immortal King set
The set is amazing, and will grant, when fully used, 9 to combat skills, 7 to each other skill tree, 20% damage reduction, max resist in hell, fast walk, huge attack rating, and high defense. Since IK set takes up 70% of your gear, the only other option is jewelry.

Angelic's Combo - The rings and amulet to create big attack rating bonus. Lame, useless in my book, but cheapest option.

Level 15 Combo - Eye of Eltich + Dual Mandal Heal Rings. Life/mana leech, life/mana regenration, +1 to all skills. Awesomely effective and cheap. Best option is to replace one mandal with a Raven Frost for cannot be frozen.

The IK set comes with 2 sockets in the maul, 2 in the helm, and you can add one to the armor. To be effective on a budget, I recommend these ideas:

Maul: 2x Shael Runes, to offer more hits on whirlwind. WW is not affected by off-weapon attack speed, so the 20% from the gloves won't help. Shaels will let you hit way more.

Helm: 2x Ko Runes, for a total of 20 to vitality, or 80 life in barb terms. Can turn into 300 life with battle orders. Unless your rich and can afford Ber/Cham/Um runes, I don;t recommend much else. Besides, the helm is easy to get, so find another if you want different sockets.

Armor: Hel Rune, since the armor's required strength is the full 232, a reduction in that number will allow for more points into vitality.

Skills - Cookie-Cutter Whirlwhind Build
A basic whirlwind build:
Mace Mastery, Whirlwind, Battle Orders, Shout, Iron skin: Max (100 Total)
Prerequisites, battle command, natural resist, Increase Speed: 7
Build is 100% finished at level 95, but maxing Iron Skin (which should be done last) won't make or break you. My barb is at level 85 and he rarely dies, if at all.

- Terror Key: While running, you will encounter many unique monsters. Whirlwind throuhg them once or twice if you have the time, as 9/10 of the times they drop FULL REJUVINATION POTIONS. Having 32 of these (16 for each character) will help with the ubers. The Countess is easy, Whirlwind throught her and her minions and they drop like flies. She also drops low runes, worth much in ladder, but for non-ladder players (like me) she may drop useful low runes such as Hel, Ko, and Shael.

- Hate Key: Also easy. Use leap to get over 3 layers of pathway easy. Only time I have trouble is if a Unique Specter (immune to physical) spawns with Very Fast mod, so he and his minions can chase you all the way to summoner. You can kill physical immunes, but it takes a while, and they drain mana, so use Howl to scare off the minions and kill him, then run off.

- Destruction Key: The hardest one I think. If there are Claw Vipers, the poison drains my life quickly, even with 75 resist. Hell Witches can also be a pain. The worst thing her is Nilhithak's Corpse Explosion. If you just WW like on the Countess, he will corpse-explode his minions, and three or four will kill an IK barb. Best thing is to target the area (or creature) right behind him and WW ONE TIME. This way, you cut through the enemies, may only kill one or two, and you sohuld be placed right in from of the man himself. From here, you can Howl away pesky minions if needed, then use Concentrate on Nilhithak. He should die in three or four hits unless he spawns with Stone Skin. When he teles away, use the same technique as you started with.

Doing The Semi-Ubers
You'll need 3 keysets to do this. Also recommended is the help of the second party member, and the main uber killer, the almighty Smite Paladin! Here is a little speech about why they are good for ubers.

An uber smiter is a unique build, since most smiters use Grief for huge damage. This smiter wil ldie in pvp, and most pvm in large crowds. Solo killing however, is his shining moment. While his damage may be laughable to some, the fact that he persistantly attacks over and over again while healing with each hit makes him the most reliable uber killer of all.

Yes, Ignore's Targets defense and a fast attack speed are the only reasons they are better at ubers than anyone. They hit most of the time and do it alot. So what two factors combined with the hit always/all the time strategy work the best vs. any monster? Life tap and crushing blow. If you can lock onto any boss with crushing blow and life tap on him, the monster stands no chance. When I first did ubers I had horrible gear. Here is a list of crappy gear and my great gear I got after doing some runs:

Crappy Setup-
Helm: Orphan's Call
Armor: Duriel's Shell
Weapon: Crushflange Mace (33% CB)
Shield: Rare Protector Shield (About 30% res. all)
Belt: Crenendum (Desciple Belt)
Amulet: Rare Amulet (+2 Combat Skills, 4% life leech, which doesn't work with smite anyway.
Gloves: Dracul's Grasp
Boots: Goblin Toe
Ring 1: Raven Frost
Ring 2: Mandal Heal

This whole setup is one soj, for the dracul's grasps. Just one measly soj, and I did ubers SOLO. The drac's are key, to keep casting life tap. After I did some runs, I replaced it with this much better and successful setup:

Helm: Orphan's Call
Armor: Enigma Archon Plate
Weaon: Heart of the Oak
Shield: Herald of Zakarum
Belt: Crenundum (Hey, res, str, dex, why change it?)
Amulet: Highlord's Wrath
Gloves: Good Ol' Dracs!
Boots: Gore Riders
Ring 1: Raven Frost
Ring 2: Dwarf Star

I know many will ask "Why heart of the oak?" Lemme tell you, three all skills, resist, mana regeneration, still fast swing speed, and added dex make this a prime choice. Also, with the addition of an enigma, the cast rate for hoto makes teleporting much more effective!

Skills: Basic smiter build
Smite, Fanatacism, Holy Shield, Defiance: 20 (80 Total)
Prerequisites, Salvation: 2
I finished mine late because I went through all the prerequisites to get to reedemption. The Cleansing however is useful for party play, especially between Baal minion waves where you may be poisoned or cursed. Salvation is just useful anywhere, and good if there is another pally who uses fana as his main aura fighting along side you.

FYI, my smiter has sat at level 80 for every single run, and he does them well.

Now that you have the characters and keys, time to get to tristram! To do these the easiest way, combine the smiter and barb inot a team for the BO from the barb and the fanatacism aura from the pally!
I won't cover each spot in much detail, there are other guides for more info, but basically:

- Lilith drops Diablo's horn, and she is the hardest of all I think. The poison sucks. Even with life tap, hit a health pot every now and then so it balances out the poison reduction. Killing of howling away the minions helps too.

- Duriel is the easiest to me. He drop's the Baal's eye. Even with holy freeze slowing you swinging, it is enough to heal you with life tap. Usually he is close to the portal, but once I looked on every section of the map before I found him. There are HUNDREDS Of MINIONS! Some immune to physical. I used my smiter and hamemrdin with this, since there were no magic immunes. An IK barb will still be a good help though.

- Izual is the middle difficulty. He is not that strong, but if one of the knights cast amplify damage or any of the like, your screwed. Take it from me: KILL THE MINIONS!

You have done it, gotten each organ and are ready to face them! Here is a STEP BY STEP explaination of how to successfully do ubers with minimal minion interference and death rates:

(IMPORTANT NOTE!: Even with dracul's grasps, you may not get life tap for the first few seocnds, which is more than long enough for an uber boss to kill you. A big secret to my success is a life tap wand. I bought a wand with life tap charges from Act 5 while baaling in norm, so they aren't hard to find. Set up weapon switches/hotkeys to hit a boss with life tap, switch to normal stuff and begin attacking, which will then cast life tap automatically. The first hit can mean everything.)

Preparation: Repair weapon, fill belt with pots (half blue, half red) have barb cast BO and all BEFORE YOU CAST HOLY SHIELD so you get the +1 skill point. Cast holy shield, heal up, run into the red portal of DOOM!

1. You start above the topmost corner house in the main square, no one can see you. If you step down and look in the alley, you will be chased. Instead, head straigh up to the stone fence, then go up right to the river. Stay on the river and head left to the other corner. Then proceed going right-down along the westernmost wall. Once you reach the bottom corner, step right up to the bottom corner house.

2. Have the barb run in the alley, then right back out. If you do well, mephesto will chase him out. If baal comes you, the battle will be very hard. Best option is to have the barb howl minions away while you hit meph. When life tap hits, both of you swing away! You may have bad luck, because mephesto releases charged bolts on hit and has the charged bolt skill. If both hit you at once, you will most certainly die. When your right next to him he will usually just melee. His conviction aura has taken your resist down a lot. Keep it up, and he should be finished in less than 45 seconds.

3. When you kill meph, take the long way you can back to town and heal/repair. The 30 durability of my hoto flail had gone down to 3. Repeat step one but kill any minions meph left. Baal should follow the barb when he runs throught the alley again.

4. Baal is easyier, but the mana burn blast can suck, since you will revert to a normal attack if you have no mana, which will do less than 100 damage and the life tap will heal you 50 for that hit. This is why you keep mana pots. Even better to have a column of rejvies so you don't waste a hit. Howl away minions and whack away. Be happy, meph was the hardest of all.

5. Thats it, you've practically got it already. After another healing session, run throught the portal and go to the first alley down and head straight for diablo. Hit him a lot. The rest is history. He wil ldrop the unique large charm, which if it gives 3 to paldin skil levels and 20 to al lresist and attributes, will fetch you enough sojs to make four uber teams like this.

That's it, follow those steps to make a two person team of uber runners, get torches and trade em out. With one person running for keys (two if the pally has enigma) my friends and I usually maintain at least one keyrun a week, and that is less than 6 hours of running and maybe 1 hour of semi bosses/uber bosses before we get a torch. You can trade for keys to speed up this process if you wish.

Evrae Altana

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senshiki said:
Helm: 2x Ko Runes, for a total of 20 to vitality, or 80 life in barb terms. Can turn into 300 life with battle orders.
No it won't. +vitality (along with +% life and life/lvl) from items will not be boosted by BO. So you'll get the +80 life from the vitality boosts, but not 300.
Also, Ko runes give dexterity, not vitality. The correct rune is Io.


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Good work, guess will take the fear of some people doing HF on their own.

For the helm issue put 2 prubys in the helm for 2x38 BO-able life.


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No it won't. +vitality (along with +% life and life/lvl) from items will not be boosted by BO. So you'll get the +80 life from the vitality boosts, but not 300.
Also, Ko runes give dexterity, not vitality. The correct rune is Io.

I think you misunderstood him, Tri. He means that saving points from dex will allow him to put the points into Vit.


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Sorry to ask but why is this guide in the newcomer-forum? I mean "you can get this stuff for 6 soj:s". I have played for like 3 months and not seeneven 1 SoJ or any other unique ring for that matter. My greatest find so far where an Ist-rune! And Yes I have made it to Hell-game Act 5 with 2 characters.

I wonder if you even remeber how it was to be a noob...