getting cursed in town?


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getting cursed in town?

am i lagging or something or does getting cursed while youre in town suppose to work? its extremely stupid when some stupid loh clan members on west join a pub game, spame #1 across the screen, have a necro amp everyone and a bvc whirl around. It makes me mad that they say they are #1 when the barb has no skill at all, his whirls are long as hell cant tele ww, doesnt leap etc. Anyway, y does the game allow people to get cursed while they are in town?


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Anyone can be cursed in town as long as the caster is outside and within range of you.

LoH = bm + weak. The idiot leader with 70fcr bvc is the only hard one. Windy, blizz, hammer, nec, trapper they all pretty weak.

Yea, I agree getting cursed in town is pretty unfair.


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LoH = bm + weak. The idiot leader with 70fcr bvc is the only hard one. Windy, blizz, hammer, nec, trapper they all pretty weak.
While I'd agree that LoH is not the top clan they may claim (they are on Ladder after all, thus more or less nulling any claim to #1), you are just wrong. They don't duel you GM because they don't consider you worth the time. You are a source of gold and entertainment to them, that's all. Within the small slice of PvP that is West Ladder, LoH has several of the very best players, GM or BM.

And by "beat" I'd be curious to know what you mean. Trading LoH ears and spamming about single kills on them is a major occupation among pubs. While I doubt that Dana or Will or any of their members for that matter would give you a priv duel, you can always try. Just don't cry to much over the 5-0.


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Lol? I don't care about idiot loh windy's 99 ears thx.

I've never 'owned' loh's in pub as its usually 5 of em vs. 3 (including me) and the other 2 are what you would call "normal" ladder duelers. Not to mention loh pisses you off with bm.

By 'beat' I mean that when I was in SeX we were 3v3'ing, 3-2 us, till one of em thought it was funny to steal gold, couple arguments rise, then 2 more of em come.


Ladder PvP is albeit small, but I thought LoH died.. I hear there are only 3 left. Btw Dennis, what SeX member were you??

Oh as an ot question. . . who were the guys that came from NL and raped LoH anyways??

(Loh blizz and windy were shat) Very good necro/hammer/bvc though. As a matter of the thing where LoH won't 1v1 people who aren't worth the time.. I think it is because they are scared. My old clan has team dueled them supposedly "GM" and after our first loss they kept nk'ing. 1v1 I was able to beat (as in first to 3) the blizz, hammer, and bvc. Necro 1-3'd me easily.. and "andy" almost never gms.

I do give them props for being one of the better BMers though.. can own most AA'ers/farcasters etc. But I have met a clan who Bm'd so much better than they did.. don't remmeber name but it was some weird summoining necro/pally team.

I don't like the LoH clan because they're not BM'ing just to have fun, they refuse to lose. Should they drop low on health they have no problem potting, save-n-exit, and of course will nk/team like mad.

BM'ing back is... sinking to their level? Not to mention its an entirely different skill set.

Ce Olba

In duels where my opponent heals in any other way except charge to andariel and meditation, I most of the time do not even bother with them. If they use a little harder character class, such as a sorc or a windy, I usually go by their rules, (go fetch 16 juvs from my gf wolf) heal and beat them up bad. However this rarely happens. But that's just the way dueling on Europe is.

However, I have met some more stupid healer people too. One was a paladin, he charged to some random cave right after I had almost killed him. I then said something like "Lol, run", and all he said was numbers in a short time (1,2,3,4,5..), and when it hit 10, he said "Lol 10-0'ed ez, you suck".

Now that was a real killer.

Then there was this friend of mine, who used 1600*1200 mod on all of his characters, giving him a huge field of vision. Beat his Windy and his Blizzard sorc and all he could say "non-block chars<BvC". I doubt he would've been dumb enough to make a non-block windy. The only character of his that I never bothered to duel with was his boner, as the way he dueled with it was the classical walls + im + spam funny words and spirits.

Then there's the occasional BM hammerdin. Have met a few of those too. One, the most common would be NK_YOU, a quite BMish hammerdin. In some games, he used to carry a gmerc. Heck, the only time I dueled him 1v1, it was like this:

*duel begins*
*I get hit to half life*
*paladin gets to belove half life*
*paladin goes off to kill a random in the pub game*
*paladin comes back with full life*

This went on for a few times until I got bored of it. Once I even dueled him and his friend 2v2. That was quite hilarious, as there rarely was a time when both of the teams would be dead or even half dead. BM 2v2, BvC+Hammerdin vs. 2 Hammerdins. Well, of course NK_YOU didn't even play that much, he was just making an invisible field of hammers somewhere around the town exit. At times he and his teammate were trying to corner me and my teammate. A few times it actually worked too.

About the "sinking to their level"-thing. I do not see what the heck is with it. It's not like it's a gang of people who rape women in the street or something. But yet, overall I've beaten more healers playing GM than BM.


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LoH is a pretty big clan, but they do have a good boner and windy if I recall.

to stay on topic though, town cursing has been around as long as I can remember. it's a dirty cheap tactic, afterall, what can you expect in a uswest pub.