Getting Connection Interrupted? To-do Checklist!


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Getting Connection Interrupted? To-do Checklist!

I recently had to struggle with a speacial type of a curse, called the "Connection Interrupted", that would mercilessly interrupt my greatest heroic acts and dumb me out of Diablo into the real world.. This was something I pledged to fight against and to renew my heroic position as the Baal's royal looter..

I have seen these kind of connection issues hurting many Diablo fans today and I decided to write about how I came to beat it!

I here list all the things I made to finally get to the point where I reached the solution! ( I left out the eating of noodles part because of space and universe issues).

- I scanned my computer for Ad-Ware, with two different programs Ad-Aware and Spybot -- I usually don't got viruses thanks to firewall and virus protection -- found 2 cookies *munch* *munch*.

- I reinstalled Diablo 2 + LOD (Uninstall +Install, often recommended in this situation), no effect.

- I refragmented my Hard Drive just because I was getting desperate.. no effect..although I kinda knew this wasn't an issue of my hardware, it really smelled like a connection lag monster to me..

- Now I summed up some conclusions about the happenings.. I knew I was getting booted out randomly after playing for 10 to 45 minutes. It didn't made any difference if I was actually playing or just standing in town, making jokes about Larzuk etc... :rolleyes: My internet stayed up, only Diablo suffered every time the text of doom appeared on my screen!! And I was just about to tell the jokes to Larzuk, duh.

- Now I started to fiddle with my firewall, making adjustements and I was more and more focusing to it because I was just recently installed a fresh windows + a new virus scan + Firewall! The trails led me here and I finally decided to shut down my recently installed firewall and made windows firewall to ACT as a one instead.

:prop: Now I started testing Diablo, I played it for many hours straight in trough vast deserts..hungry for.. food.. and finally left my char to idle in town. . .

It had worked out for me! I could play Diablo again to its fullest without stopping, ever! (Until the next lag that is).

Now I have to start figuring how to set-up the port forwardings in my fancy firewall program, but until then, I loot in peace.
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Re: Getting Connection Interrupted? To-do Checklist!

I don't know if this can help you, but connects on the port 4000.