Getting a job sucks*rants fo sho*

Getting a job sucks*rants fo sho*

Man I've been looking for a job the past couple of weeks and I have found a whole lot of nothing. Today I drove to target, nothing, office depot, have to be 18, staples, have to be 18 and blockbuster, have to be 18. Then on top of that I've probably called about 6 other places to ask if they were hiring. They only luck I've had is to be able to get an application into longs but I found out later they aren't really looking for anyone at that time.

I've been looking through the yellow book and just going through the business section and ojnaoj;go'ggp'ngk'n ATRG!FH

So anyone wanna hire a responsible, hard working 16 year old?


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eh same with me... LOTS of jobs in my town are seasonal.. so they don't even need people till summer.. i applyed at a greenhouse but they haven't called me back yet.. so i guess i'm gonna go by on friday to see wtf is up :p
I'm not a slacker! I've been sitting on my *** and calling like 10000dsjgfdj1000000 businesses!

I called so many businesses I had to add letters into the number!


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I was jobless from July 11th to the end of last month, though for about two or three months I was not capable of getting a job (spent a week in the hospital and then those months recovering). I got this one now because they got a nice contract and needed new people to help with the demand the contract had caused. The only problem is this company is bad about laying people off, so I hope that if I have to get layed off, they wait at least 6 months. Then I can get unemployment...the contract is for 12 or 13 months, so I hope that actually means they'd not want to lay off before that contract went out...I hope.

I was ready to give up on getting a job, though. This last place I applied to in December and it wasn't until last month, out of the blue, they called me. I didn't expect them to call me, but that same day, I did my interview, drug test, and after the test came back (standard thing they do with all newbies), I was told to report to work that next Monday. This job is actually my first fulltime job and it's supposed to be the best paying job I've had (I'm still on crappy training pay). It's also got benefits, which as soon as I can get those, I'll be using them to buy my medication (hundred bucks a bottle is what that stuff costs...through them, I can get a three month supply for 50 bucks).

Have you tried any fast food places?
Hell no for fast food. I will not work at a fast food place like burger king or macdonalds. I might try in and out but thats the only burger joint I'd think about trying.


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McDonalds is hell.

Get hit by a car and sue. That's always great!.

Seriously, the easiest way to find a job is listen to otherpeople whine about theirs. And lying. Lying is great. I can operate a computer, therefore I am an electronics expert
Right now only one of my friends is acually trying to get a job because the rest don't need to/don't give a **** so I'm out on my own.