Get Well Soon Kirsty


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Get Well Soon Kirsty

Hi All,

I don't know if there are still any oldtimers around, but I believe ther are quite a few who know Kirsty, so I thought I'd better share this shocking note from Luc (Celines Boyfriend) posted in a thread:

I'm really saddened to send you all this news.
Celine collapsed Sunday two weeks ago from what I thought was exhaustion. It happened during an etf dueling game when I had taken her place and she lay on the couch to rest. I don't know who all attended but I'm certain they remember my absence mid-duel when I rushed off to see if she was okay. She'd been having headaches all evening and was dizzy since the day before, but she said to me she was okay. Then all of a sudden she called out that everything was going black around her and she stood up to walk towards me. She lost balance and passed out, but luckily I caught her in time.
I rushed her to the hospital and she's been there ever since... she's been awake a few hours per day, but overall she sleeps or is unconscious and she drops in and comes out so unpredictingly... I can't really say what's going on yet since it is still not clear to me. I don't understand.
The doctors said that it seems to be a spread infection in her ovaries due to the appendicitis problems she had a year ago. Back then it had burst open and spread through her stomach and she had to stay in the hospital for a week of observation too. I guess... they missed something.
I am sorry I didn't notify you all sooner, I didn't really think of it. Everything is going so fast right now and I'm certain you're not the only ones I haven't told yet. I have troubles taking care of our pets, the farm, Larys and work since I visit her daily and thinking of notifying everyone we know hasn't been on my mind yet. Thankfully I can take Larys everywhere I go, the pets and farm are up to her parents.
I don't know if I will remember to keep track with you all, but I will try.


I just wanted to send out best wishes to Kirsty and Luc and hope that she will get better very soon.

Luc, please send her some greetings from us and I just wanted to wish you best of luck looking after everything else.

Get Well soon!



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I haven't been posting much, and i don't think i have EVER posted in the Zon forum (i make a mental note to stay away from it ;) ) and i never really knew Kirsty... but i can imagine how scary this whole situation can be, and i wish all the best for Kirsty and Luc...


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Kirsty, you're an inspiration to us all, a great and intelligent poster, a great personality. You're the queen of, I really hope to read your posts on our humble forum soon again. Best wishes from me, Jek.

Luc, hang in there! Please keep us updated about her condition.

/ Jek


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I think, from what i've seen, that she's a very intelligent and kind girl/woman. Always friendly posting and cool ideas etc.

Because of that i hope even more that she'll be fine asap.


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well i cant say that im a regular but kirsty is a great gal and as i said in the other thread i hope that she will be better soon so..

kirsty hope you get better and hang in there luc


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Celine will get over this... From when I've spoken with her, I've found out she's too strong of a person to be held down for long.

Luc, Take care of that woman (As I'm sure you will).

Don't worry about the forums... It would be nice for updates but there are more important things right now. You'll get through.

Note: I'm sure more people will reply... When she's well enough, she may enjoy to read the comments on how much she's appreciated.

:buddies: For Kirsty. Always one to do what she can for others. Let's all leave our thanks, our good wishes and do what we can for her.


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I hope Kirsty gets well soon enough. I'll pray to all the Gods out there for her health. As for me, I give her all the full rejuvs in my stash.


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Well I don't often leave the Druid Forum for any reason, but this is more than enough reason to. I'm sure you will get through this, Kirsty, so I will just wish you a speedy recovery and that things don't get too out of hand for your loved ones while you're away. You're an incredible lady, smart and fun, so I wish only the best for you. The forums need more people like you, as well as the world in general. You will continually be in my and many others thoughts and prayers.


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Hope Kirsty will get well soon, this is very sad indeed. luckily y were there. please let us know when she gets better.


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As a Necro poster, she doesn't frequent that part of the forums, but as a part-time druider, this makes me sad. I truelly hope she gets better.

Please, send our wishes to from us to her and know that many more around the nation (and sometimes world) are sending thoughts.



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im new to forums, but i have seen your posts, best wishes luc and kirsty hang in there!

get well soon :hanky: