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Reid Fleming

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Generic greeting post


I unlurk after many months with the same story as many others. I love the game but bnet managed to drain all fun out of it. Then one day I found this forum, which led me to ATMA & much sleep deprivation. WooHoo!

I am currently messing around with full set builds & also attempting to get an untwinked HC character through hell.(I might have a chance if I could just survive NM :D ) Yorel the 9th became gloam BBQ last night while pillaging the WSK, so it looks like time for Yorel the 10th to step up to the plate. & since there is a HC tournament starting this weekend....

Long live Yorel X, the shadow tree assassin.



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its good to see another HC player around here, things were getting a bit soft there for a while....

Stay excellent :thumbsup:


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Welcome! I have been thinking of starting a few HC characters myself.

I play HC on Bnet, but have been logging on less and less lately. I currently play in a group game on Bnet tuesday nights with some folks from another great forum(not sure if I can mention the name, so will use err on the side of caution). Thats about the only Bnet I play anymore. I just started over from scratch, and I am having a blast. This forum is the only thing that keeps my interest in D2 anymore. If I couldn't share my finds and stories here, I would probably hang up my D2 discs. Phht, who am I kidding. I am as addicted to this game as the rest of you.

Enjoy your stay bud!


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Welcome to the SPF:) Nice avatar! Good luck with Yorel X. At that rate you might consider headlining in the next triple x movie:), anythings better than Ice Cube.


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Welcome! Enjoy thses cookies, don't feed the squid, and ignore the shin kickers. That about covers it, except, read the stickies. Might I point out our lovely tourney thread? It's just nummy. Oh, and come on by the EMB--now with staidum seating; its spammy.
*walks in with bloody shin kicking boots on, gets a glare from HBB*
Hello, i am farting bob. I'll be your tour guide for the day.
On your left you can see the Etdlahq Memorial Bar (EMB) if you fancy a quick drink.
Ahead of you is the SPF FAQ, useful for everyone from time to time, and down towards your shins is my boot.
*kicks reid in the shins and giggles*