general question on my lightning zealer/dreamdin

Doll Call

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general question on my lightning zealer/dreamdin

this guy is intented for pvp/pvm but i'm still having trouble finding an optimal weapon. heres his current rig:

290 def, 20 res, 24 fhr dream diadem
550 def, 58 res, 30 fhr dream kurast
30 res maras/highlord's wrath
20 dex, high ar ravens/bk prebuff
arachnid mesh/nosferatu coil
15% archon COH
tearhaunch greaves/gore riders
laying of hands gloves
5x offensive gcs w/ minor mods
currently using grief phase blade (374/37)
5bo CTA, and spirit on switch

20 resist light
13 conviction
20 holy shield
20 sacrifice
1 zeal
7 defiance (currently working on that)
1 charge
8 point pre-reqs

i was considering using cresent moon because mainly it lowers lightning resistances by an additonal 45%. the only thing i was wondering about would this effect the pulses too? i'm not sure how lowering resistance works on items, weather or not you have to target your foe, or if its a proximity thing. i was also worried about speed since you need 75 ias with a phase to zeal at 4 frames without fanaticism (am i right?), and cresent moon only has 20%. and the most i can get even w/ HL's, LOHs, and nos is 70. however if cresent moon works good i can live with a 5 frame zeal.

Tycho Spradling

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I was thinking of switching to the cresent moon as well. The only problem I can see with that is doing enough physical damage to leech back life fast enough.

I solo baal/rush mostly and don't do pvp, so I went with simular gear except:
wisp projector - black/burning souls and near 4k light damage per bolt hurts.
string of ears - ll and pdr really help, dont need to slow whats dead in one hit.
tele ammy - resists maxed already
war travelers - str vit frw mf
dracul's - life tap can really save you butt
3 3 4 cta - bad roll

I don't hit the the best break points but when your doing 5-6 min baal runs who needs to, unless your pvping a lot.

I ditched the beast swap out, i perfer zeal, bear can't tele, swapping out gear is to much work.

You might want to put a point into holy aim, passively gives you 5% attack per level, with gear it will give a 200-300 attack boost.

My favorite thing about this build is you don't need a merc :7)

Doll Call

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i was thinking about the whole blessed aim thing would be a great AR supplement instead of maxing sacrifice for zeal dmg purposes. hell you could probably get away with using fortitude instead of coh if you wanted... the life mods on fort are it least a stab at losing +2 on your bo. not to mention this guy has no res problems whatsoever if you get a nice shield, and helm roll. hell, my res is like 220 in hell or something like that. i like arach just because it gets me closer to the 25 convict break point.

as for the blessed aim thing i'm guessing the passive bonus only counts true invested skill points right?

as for souls i just switch to resist lightning... and you have 95% lightning resistance... and then just pound on them with grief... with maxed sacrifice they're usually finished in a zeal or two.

the one thing thats neglible is my leech... its adequate but i still have to rely on potions.

Tycho Spradling

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I made a pb cresent moon last night and after about 5 minutes in hell i gave it to my friend, grief is so much better. But I'm not hitting the break points you are.

You're probably right about the hard points.

Could you explain the 25 conviction break point?

The cresent moon would help with baal, and I have no idea on pvp, I didn't notice if it worked on the pulses or not, sorry.

As far as what can go wrong with cresent moon: I would say a wasted um rune.

Doll Call

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the level 25 conviction breakpoint is when conviction stops getting negative resistance returns... at -150.
i was thinking of a few other weapon possibilites, you guys can tell me what you think. although i always hated them, and found them useless a botd phase would be decent for this build. it would get you helluva close to that 4fps zeal. not to mention increase your block, and strength, and life. the main pros to this is that it would free up a lot of ias gear. i was also thinking of a eth (or non... i'm just going with eth because its badass) runemaster 4-shaeled. hell that would help your ar bigtime, freeing you up to use an angelic combo since you wouldnt need a raven.