general public PvP char?


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general public PvP char?

hi guys,
coming back to this game I decided to rebuild my generic T/V, which I posted in the Paladin forums. he's a good character, great in GM 1v1's and such, but in most games I duel in result in me getting ganked by 2+ characters of different elements(e.g. a CS 'Zon and a Ele druid, a Bowazon and a FB sorc, etc.) and he doesn't deal nearly as well under these conditions(that's not to say he does poorly... just not as well as I would like).
does anyone have a good recommendation for generic public games? I don't want to be BM myself, e.g. I only use 1x piece of 'sorb at Max(generally a Hotspurs and Thundergod's Vigor in my stash which is considered GM in most leagues), don't use Lifetap, etc; however, I'd like to be able to handle these types of characters fairly well.
I can generally afford one very well geared character with a good inventory,e.g. +life skillers, life/resist charms, max/are/lifer charms, etc. so price isn't the 'largest' hindrance.
characters I've been considering are Bowazon(similar to TienJe's GMB/Fortitude 'hybrid') and Fire/Grizzly Bear druid('shaman' build) or a Mage(though I know I don't have the skill to handle this character). I've also just been considering keeping my T/V, because I'm pretty good at using him and I already have him geared up nicely, etc.
so yeah, just looking for your guys' opinions, thanks!


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Re: general public PvP char?

but in most games I duel in result in me getting ganked by 2+ characters of different elements
Thats pretty much unavoidable in pub games.

The Fire Druid Builds, with or without the Grizzly, are pretty hard to handle, like you said. If you looking for a character that can handle 1v2-3-4's, then the list is pretty small. Hammerdins, and light/fire/cold Sorc run rampant in pubs because of their mobility and high damage.

If you do end up playing a Bowzon, make sure you don't neglect frw, or else you'll just be a target like 80% of Bowzons in pub games.

T/V's, from what i've seen, fair pretty well in pub's. If you end up sticking to him, post your build up and im sure some of the more experienced players can help you fine-tune it.

gl i hope this helps.


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Re: general public PvP char?

Druids and Necs tend to be stable casters for a pub game.