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Everybody should be useast so Hos and i can give them necro eq. :lol:

Also, we DO have an item fund for necromancers. Have you considered scouting that out?

And another thing, i've earned many an ist and hr by running nm cows. They drop charms with a decent chance for skillers (either off the bat or in a reroll) and also tend to drop alot of flawlesses and decent socketed items (usually exceptional, which i can then upgrade). What those cows are doing wearing gems, i'll never know.

Thirdly, i've actually gotten godly socketed items from the weapon and armor things in Hell countess tower runs. (not to mention the runes she drops which goes up to an ist). (six socketed eth zerker axe made me a happy man, especially when all i wanted a sol :thumbsup: )

Hope this helps.

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dodenbezweerder said:
I would have thought that hell would yield better results. But i'll concentrate on NM then. First run didn't yield anything proper though.
The gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight. They had thought with some reason that there is no more dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor.

This describes MF rather well.


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So I have not seen the following possible additions to your feedback requests:

1. Lvl 73 is a bit early for hell. You should expect some problems for a while. Your level compared to the monster level dictates whether or no you can hit (and your skellies too).

2. You do not mention a golom (IIRC). Get a clay golom (CG) and put a few points into him. People call him Gumby. The slowing effect is really cool and you will notice. As well, he registers as a bigger threat to monsters so they target him before you.

3. When you CE, make sure that you AMP FIRST. Part of the damage (half I believe) is physical.

4. Take your time. hang back, curse, and let your skellies work with the merc and CG. It can be a challenge to not rush ahead, awakening a load of monsters and then you are in trouble.

Note, I am currenly level 85 in Hell, Skellymancer - focus on warriors, CE, might merc, and Skeleton Mastery. I have a load of unused skill points as I have not yet been 'forced' to put them anywhere. I have been toying with Lower Resist and a few mages.

Enjoy. Sounds like your trades are going well.



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Wow, lot of replies.

I'm currently on level 78, in act 4 and really kicking butt (sofar). The only thing i really had trouble with in hell is the maggot lair in act 2. (i eventually ended up skipping that one).

For my golem in use a Fire Golem. I haven't seen him die once during my boss fights (perhaps once, but that is it). The bosses usually target him instead of my skelletons. Besides that i cast Depcrify and since there are always a few cold mages. I feel that the boss is slowed enough. I have used Gumby in the past, but i find him dying too fast to be honest.

I usually do AMP when the critters approach, and CE when the first corpse is made (another AMP if it has run out, but i have it on 10+ secs or so). Sometimes i use depcrify on them if they move fast.

As for magic finding, i have 1 topaz in my helm and perhaps 30% in other items. So that is not really that much yet.

I am however on the Europe ladder. Perhaps i'll make a new char, but i just enjoy playing this one a lot. So no possible way of meeting up in the game i guess.

I'll try to do the cows in nightmare. I have read that you cannot enter the cow level again if you kick the cow king, is that true?

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dodenbezweerder said:
I'll try to do the cows in nightmare. I have read that you cannot enter the cow level again if you kick the cow king, is that true?
Killing the King will close off the Cow Level for that difficulty.