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We all collect them, everyone uses them and Covetous Shen bleeds us dry when we upgrade them. The Gem article in DiabloWiki has received an overhaul reflecting all the changes and additions that came with Reaper of Souls. Listed are details of when and how you can get different ranks of tems, what it costs in gold and lower gems to upgrade them through all the different grades and gem properties and also there is information on socketing.

All the old gem information has been preserved as we know you like to see what it was like in ye olden days and it's interesting to see how gems have changed over the past couple of years.

All the information should be bang up to date but if you see anything not quite right feel free to alter it, as it's a wiki and doesn't bite.
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I was happy that I had reached 100m last night after a few days of farming without anything to spend gold on. Felt good after being sub-50m for a few weeks.

Went to craft a ton of max-level Emeralds for my Monk, checked my gold when I came back, and was down ~50million. Yikes!

Fortunately it\'s the kind of thing you only have to do once - it\'s an investment in your future! And now that I\'ve got 5+ max gems of every color, I\'ll never have to spend my money again! :)

(except on upgrades, but c\'mon, let\'s be real here.)


100m? mmm

I was feeling pleased tonight when I got a million. It took me all evening to get it and about 30 seconds to spend it.


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\"only spend it once\" unless you play Hardcore, of course. Gem upgrade costs are way, way, way too high. Not everyone started RoS with a billion+ bankroll from vanilla AH farming.


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Is anyone else annoyed that there are now 14 levels of utterly useless gems (x5 types = 70 items with no worth) now that Marquise drop like rain in RoS? There is absolutely nothing to use the lower tiers on because there are no level requirements on gems. Would be nice if you could salvage gems into \"Emerald Dust\" or something that is a common reagent in crafting recipes. Maybe you could use it to influence the roll of your crafting somehow. Just feels like a total oversight on Blizzard\'s part.


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More gem levels should be dropable, while overall number of gems dropping should be lowered. I dunno, whole gem system feels quite uninspired.


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I think there are too many levels too. I think salvaging them is definitely a good idea.

I have lots of lower level ones found by newer characters who aren\'t going to use them as I\'ve given them the highest level I have.

I would prefer to either salvage them or somehow combine them to make new properties that are more varied but less powerful.

Didn\'t they already scrap a system like that? It sounds familiar.


Yes, picking up low quality gems while leveling up alts is quite useless. Perhaps they should change the system so that your account paragon level dictates which quality of gem is dropped.


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just make the resell value of gems better, then at least you could sell them off. Gems and gold have forever been linked as currency (in the real world...) - maybe make a \"perfect\" diamond sell for more than 87 gold...