gem shrines question


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gem shrines question

Does anyone know if gem shrines can appear allready in act 1 normal or if not, when do they start appearing ?

Eilo Rytyj

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I've seen gem shrines in the blood moor in normal, so yes, they can appear from the start of the game.


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The blood moor is also the best place to look for gem shrines, as several kinds of shrines cannot spawn there. Gem shrines still take longer to find than 3 flawless gems though.
To quote a post I made months ago after doing 17 hell blood moor runs:

There are always five shrines in the blood moor. There are no armor, combat, resist fire, resist cold, resist lightning, resist poison, mana, portal, or monster shrines. I didn't see any poison shrines, but I suspect they can appear in the blood moor, but are as rare as exploding shrines because they are so similar.

Exploding: 1 (1.2%)
Experience: 16 (18.8%)
Fire: 3 (3.5%)
Health: 11 (12.9%)
Gem: 1 (1.2%)
Mana recharge: 9 (10.6%)
Refilling: 13 (15.3%)
Skill: 9 (10.6%)
Stamina: 12 (14.1%)
Well: 10 (11.8%)