Gem on Diablo II screen


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Gem on Diablo II screen

When you are chatting in the chat room on Diablo II there is a gem you can click and on the screen it will say gem activated when you push on it and gem deactivated when you push on it again. Does anyone know what the gem does if anything?????


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Welcome to the forums. :)

The gem has no effect on the game whatsoever. During the development of D2, it was probably intended to do something, but for whatever reason, Blizzard abandoned the idea but left the non-functioning gem in the game.

If you click it enough times, you'll sometimes get a special message - amusing but utterly meaningless.


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Ah, so you guys both don't have a clue about the godly function of the gem? :rolleyes: the secret is still safe then...


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I don't remember anymore what the use in beta was (that was looong time ago) but I think back then the gem was used to "tag" the current channel, so you could immediately join it. Could still use that function ATM though, kinda annoying when you always show up in a preset channel :).


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There is no number on the theories and experients done with the gem thingy, no one really know what it does and I really don't think it does anything at all.

I dont think its worth spending more time speculating on this dead-end mysteri :)


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I'm at a loss as to what the gem does. :scratch:

But on the positive side I have learned the meaning of the word "JEET", :spy:

it means "did you eat yet?" :drink: