Gem helm for sorc


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My sorc uses gs and a 3 sock Pruby helm to make up for the lack of hp that would be on my sorc if I were wearing GG's.


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Depends on the sorc, but if you get 1 point in warmth, combined with magefist, gets you 42% regen from warmth and 20% from the magefist, which is more then 3 PS gives you(3* 19%). In which case I would just go for either 3Psaph if my sorc is very mana hungry(prolly won't need that 114 extra mana at level 80, but good for leveling) or 3 Rubies like ElDrunko suggests.


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My Sorc uses a 3 PRuby Crown and it is hands down the best helm for her. I've managed to get 75+ FR and LR for her to cs with and that helm (Apart from looking awesome on her) takes her health to about 1100 if I'm not mistaken.

Truely a godly helm and I strongly advise it ;)

P.S. Put it in a crown and then watch and marvel as all the people with 'GG' items ask you to show it, but you never do.....


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Problem is, most of them can see my exact items whether I show them or not...
The solution will be all those who see your items will get banned for using the plugin on maphack. Just enjoy that fact when they tell you what you have on before you show. :azn:

I would stick to a 3 pruby if you are low on life.



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Kind of a followup. Which would you use for a Energy Shield Sorc with 80%+ ES, 300+ HP, and 1k+ mana? Still Rubies?