Gem Finding ??


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Gem Finding ??

I was Mfin and thought occured to me that there isnt a list of area's where you can find a good amount of gems in a run. so question is where do you find the most gems to drop?

My spots
Trav- council good for few gems,runes and other drops at times
Lower Kurast- baskets and anything else clear it, also the dungeons there.
The pits- bodies galore and named.
Summoner- i usually end up with either a game,rune, or rares. got gul off him other night.
Chaos- good at times but its really random there and hard for some.
W.stone 1/2/3/4 - again good at times but hard for most.

anyone else know any spots i didnt list?? i thought of trying sewers but never do.

Evrae Altana

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Any spot filled with lots of monsters that you can kill easily is a prime gem finding spot. Give Flayer Jungle a try.


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Eldritch/shenk can be good for gems at times.They also relatively easy to kill,easy to get to and can drop some nice uniques.


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iv had lots of people ditch after a4 forge rushing, but iv always found some good runes along the way

Lord Nyax

The more important consideration for getting a Norm Forge is how long it's going to take to rush. By Hell, usually people have some clue as to what to do. I wouldn't be willing to make any estimates on the number of players that don't even know what all the quests are, especially in might really slow you down if you have to explain, step by step, how to get rushed.


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I always run through nightmare cows for hording gems. 4 mins max with a good java.