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Geive, SniperBarb -- Progress Thread

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Gynli, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Gynli

    Gynli IncGamers Member

    Jul 5, 2010
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    Geive, SniperBarb -- Progress Thread

    Hello. I've been playing diablo 2 on and off for who knows how long... It's been too long... so long... Anyways. I've recently came back to d2, playing sp for the first time. Some of you may have seen me trade some mf gears for my sorc. Now that my sorc is almost fully equipped, I was planning to start off some crazy build characters. =D

    I've been staring at Vox Dei's CtC Cold Enchantless sorc forever, but I still lack the equips to start her off. Also, I'm quite fanatic about idiotic builds so I've been trying to make one. I traded off some equips to originally start off with a pit-running strafer, but decided it was too plain. Now, after days and nights creating and deleting characters, I've finally decided to start off Geive, a sniper barb.

    As stupid as I am, I've decided to put ALL stats into DEX, Max Increased stamina, Faster Run/Walk, and Natural Resists. This means no offensive skill, no crowd control and etc etc. =P stupid. i know. The playing style would probably involve my merc tanking it all, and me going *pew pew* from the back. Faster run/walk with StormShield on switch should let me dodge/block some incoming missiles... I think... :whistling:

    Anyways, I've just cleared the normal act 1 Den of Evil, and still pondering about the gear set up and such, but seeing how I've idiotically gave up on survival, I've decided to focus purely on DMG and IAS.

    Any ideas or suggestions or comments or etc will be greatly appreciated.
    Also, I will update this 'chart' of my future gears, so more people can laugh at my idiotic-ness.

    Stats - pure dex
    Skills - too embarrassing to mention again

    Head - ?
    Ammy - ?
    Ring1 - RavenFrost
    Ring2 - ?
    Bow - WWS or Windforce
    Switch - Stormshield // ??
    *since I have plenty of dex, i should be lucky enough to block many shots =D*
    ** Is there a weapon that increases your defence, dmg reduction, faster hit recovery or faster blocking rate or etc etc? **
    Gloves - ?
    Belt - ?
    Boots - ?

    As you can see I've just thought about the idea of barb using a bow, never much thoughts into gears and such. Again, I would love suggestions for any possible gear set up. =P

    Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to seeing how this dude will hold up in Hell - if i even get that far. xD

    -- ToGgi.
  2. jdkerr

    jdkerr IncGamers Member

    Dec 13, 2008
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    Re: Geive, SniperBarb -- Progress Thread

    Leap is a fun skill at high levels.
  3. SnickerSnack

    SnickerSnack IncGamers Member

    Dec 23, 2007
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    Re: Geive, SniperBarb -- Progress Thread

    I've also thought about a bow barb. I have had three ideas:

    - poison leaping bow barb
    - Harmony Valk summoner
    - multishot barb (using charges on items, yes, it's a bad idea)

    Maybe they can even be combined.

    I thought that a maxed leap skill would be great for defense since you could completely avoid being swarmed without Howl causing everything to run away. A leaper could wield a big damage bow, like Windforce. A Harmony wielding barb with maxed Increased Speed would be crazy fast.

    As for a switch weapon, Crainte Vormir has 20% DR. Sword Guard has increased chance of blocking (which you don't need) and fhr. Lawbringer has 245 defense vs missiles. Spirit has 250 defense vs missiles and 55 fhr (I think we have a winner).
  4. Pijus

    Pijus IncGamers Member

    Feb 1, 2008
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    Re: Geive, SniperBarb -- Progress Thread

    +1 for Harmony and maxed increased speed. That alone is a good enough reason to make this char :D
  5. omgwtfbbqpwned

    omgwtfbbqpwned IncGamers Member

    Jun 9, 2005
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    Re: Geive, SniperBarb -- Progress Thread

    You do understand that with points into VIT or BO, your Barb @ Clvl 85 will have less than 300 life, plus whatever you manage to add from gear and charms? I'm worried that even with the Crainte Vomir/Stormshield combo, the hits that you do take will be very fatal/close to being fatal.

    I believe there's a Mangudai (aka BowBarb) guide in the Barbarian forum, but if Pure Dex/No CC or BO is the route you want to take, only the item section might be relevant to you.

    With regards to gear, the first place you should start is with hitting the necessary IAS breakpoints.

    Witchwild String
    10 IAS - 13 Frames
    20 IAS - 12 Frames
    35 IAS - 11 Frames
    55 IAS - 10 Frames
    90 IAS - 9 Frames
    155 IAS - 8 Frames (not reasonable)

    Windforce (Note: I've already included WF's inherent 20 IAS, so this is extra IAS you need)
    5 IAS - 13 Frames
    15 IAS - 12 Frames
    30 IAS - 11 Frames
    60 IAS - 10 Frames
    100 IAS - 9 Frames

    Your armor, amulet, gloves, and helm are the easiest sources for hefty amounts of IAS, so those should be dedicated to IAS items. This of course means that glove choices include LoH, Magnus Skin, Lava Gout, a cool rare or craft, or 3 piece IK (Gloves, Belt, Boots). The amulet should be Highlord's Wrath or The Cat's Eye. Your armor should be 'Treachery' (or if you can manage a breakpoint without it, then consider 'Fortitude', 'Lionheart', 'Gloom', as they give life and resistances that your Barb desperately needs, or you can go a damage reduction route from armors like Gladiator's Bane, Arkaine's Valor, or Shaftstop). There's lots of choices with helms; you can do M'avina's True Sight, Stealskull, or Andariel's Visage if you need more IAS, or you can go with Vampire's Gaze, Shako, Rockstopper, Peasant Crown, Crown of Ages, or Giant Skull for their properties.

    The ideal belt is Razortail for the pierce, damage, and dexterity bonus. If you're still short of IAS, then Nosfertu's works.

    As for the boots, second ring, charms, and gear adjustments (once you've met IAS demands, your goals should center around attack raing, survival, and damage.

    A BowBarb has pisspoor AR. Don't think that pumping 400 dexterity means anything. Without a source of +AR%, you'll still be at 2k AR or less. You may want to consider Gladiator's Bane/Angelic Wing/Angelic Halox2 just so you can get another 2k AR. If you're not socketing IAS jewels into your gear, then they should be P.Diamonds for armor, and P.Amethysts for weapons. If you decide to use Goldstrike Arch, your AR will actually be quite decent. A second Raven Frost, Metalgrid, 3 piece IK are great sources of AR. A rare helm or circlet with the Visionary mod (+AR%/Lvl) will also help. An often overlooked option is 2 piece Aldur's (armor + boots), which will give you 30 dexterity, 20 strength, 15 vitality, 50 life, 40-50 fire AND lightning resistance, and +150% AR. I've used 2 piece Aldur's for a lot of fun builds in the past; despite its ugly orange hue, it gives A LOT of gg bonuses.

    For survival (once you've met IAS and AR demands), look for damage reduction (Nature's Peace), life leech (rare rings), and consider socketing Sol runes into any slots you may have left. When you have less than 400 life, that iDR 7 might actually save your Barb. Get your resistance above 50 so that hell monsters don't OHKO you.

    On the other hand, once IAS and AR demands are met, you can opt for damage over survival as well. A second Raven Frost gives 15% to 20% enhanced damage, there are rare rings that give +max damage or +min damage, War Traveler's gives a hefty chunk of damage as well.

    That's about it from me. Best of luck with the Barb.

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