Gearing Up: Party vs. Solo


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Gearing Up: Party vs. Solo

[caption id="attachment_382925" align="alignright" width="313"] MP: Not always friendly.[/caption]A fan lamented his slow progress playing solo and asked if partying was the way to go. A blue gave encouragement, but it's a useful question for another survey/vote:

I have been playing Diablo since the original. Always I had played solo. Had a few bad experiences with one of the earliest online versions.

Back to playing Diablo 3 during season 1, and was very excited at the prospect of seasons. My question is: how necessary is it to play in groups online to get the good gear (sets, seasonal drops, etc.). I don't know if I will ever be able to put the time in to get ranked, but who knows? other things have happened. If it is rather necessary to go about grouping, is it relatively easy to get into a group? Or do you have to know a group of people that play regularly and have to grind away, like in a guild?

...Seems that solo grinding will only get you so much in terms of set pieces, or is it a matter of time, playing solo or with a group?

Grimiku: It's not necessary to be in a group in order to find amazing items, but groups do yield the best chances of finding them. Personally, I spend at least half of my game time playing solo, and I'd say I have pretty decent gear. It just takes longer to find some items when you're solo than if you were in a group.

If you're up for it, then finding a group is really easy, too. The quickest way is to hop into a Public Game by hitting the Game Settings button when you're on the character select screen and toggling the Public Game option on. Then hit Join Game, and let the system do its thing.[source][/source]

Whether grouping is better or worse than soloing (in terms of loot acquisition) really depends on the group. Or on the solo. I've seen a lot of complaints this early season (mostly from Softcore players) about all the undergeared leeches in T6 games, standing around in Cain's Set and Ruby'ed helms and crappy Rares, waiting/hoping for someone to join and carry them through. For those guys, playing in a group is a vastly better way for loot and exp, but that's not going to be true for the well-geared character who joins in and does all the work.

Big differences in character power aside, do you guys find grouping beneficial? Essential? Distaseteful? Many players find it more fun, and since the monster hit points only increase 75% per additional character, the more characters the less damage each of them has to do... at least in theory, if there's teamwork.

That said, playing solo you are the master of your own domain; you go where you want and when you want, never have to wait for anyone else to take a break or postpone your own, etc. And when you are well-geared, flying through T6 Rifts solo is about the fastest way to find legendary items, ala the 10 T6 challenge.

So how do you guys prefer to do it? Gearing Up: Party vs. Solo.

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Grouping is strictly better, unless the party is extremely disorganized. Playing with friends is highly recommended. It's ridiculously quick (took me and my friends a few hours) to gear up to the point where nothing but the best-in-slot items will be upgrades if you're playing with 3 friends that share your main stat. That isn't necessary though, as partying comes with the MF bonus anyway, in addition to the fact that enemies doesn't scale up nearly as well as players in a party (even without group buffs) like Flux mentioned.


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I am about 50/50 between soloing and playing with IncHC clan groups. It really depends on my mood at the time. I solo when I feel like puttering around and being able to pause. I group when I just want to grind.


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I do solo 75% and public 25%. I enjoy being independent and then just grouping with randoms and seeing how they play.


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99.9% solo play. May be different, if there'd be skill interactions present to play around with in mp games.


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100% solo play. I've never given groups a chance. I've honestly always been too worried about somebody flaming me or getting upset that I don't follow the "rules". I wish I did have a group of friends that played so I could join every once in a while, but I also like the fact that I am solo and that means it's up to me to do what I can to try and get the best sets and Legendary items. Maybe this season I'll give it a chance...


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I play 100% public, but due to the fact that 99% of the time I'm doing something that others don't want to do (like story mode), 99% of the time I wind up solo in a public game anyway.


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You should definitely try it out. Consider joining one of the IncGamers clans. I know the HC clan guys are pretty chill. If you play SC, I have no reason to believe the SC version of the clan would be any different.


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I play with friends when I can. When I can't, I usually play in public games. Split bounties for RoRG are great, non-split bounties are slightly better than solo unless I'm carrying (though feeling weaker because everything has ~3x hp kinda sucks), and group rifts are better than solo too. I usually only solo if I'm in a chill mood, watching something beyond background noise while I play, or I know I'm about to need to step away from the computer. Solo is mostly just to break up the monotony of group play.


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I play solo majority of the time but have a couple of friends I party up with when the Diablo bites them for a few weeks.

Thinking about moving exclusively to public games though.


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I party like it's 1999!
Sometimes I solo but only when I'm into specifics.

Being that IncGamers is mostly made up of sc players, I generally join public games or open my own game. Sometimes, but not very often, I play with a clan member that also play hc at times.

In general, I find most hc players to be a nice bunch. Yeah, there are premature ejacu ... I mean rift-closers, people in the wrong Torment for their gear (but who am I to judge their willingniess to push their limits?), the seldom but occasional encounter with (insert your favorite pk-player name here) and I do have fun laughing at them and saying wtf?! all intel on a barb? roflcopter and such, but all in all, I always have a blast. I don't mind dragging "noobs" along and I enjoy rushing through a (g)rift with players that have their lgems on level 30+ with para 300+ after one week of season 2 ... no rl? srsly?

Some parties are more silent than the lambs, others engage in fun(ny) chatspeak, there are people who share and people who like to keep their souls to themselves.
As is with me, I often see parties watch out for each other.
There are those who complain about those who shrine when Nemesis is available ... but who doesn't want to be the one rushing first when Conduit is active? I personally rarely touch a pylon or shrine b/c I never wear Nemesis.

I do have "friends" with whom I like to team up and imho, partying is best.
Moar mf, moar gf, moar xp.

But it is annoying when after being in glorious battle together, everyone spends their own amount of time in town doing whatnot before the show goes on.
The rarest cases = kick.

By the gods of Sanctuary, I love hardcore!


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Sorry, to rectify, IncGamers clan!
Of currently 125 members, 9 have hc chars and I have the highest hc paras live, s1 now s2.
Kinda sucks, but just to clear it up.
I am nobody :(


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I would add to this - Unless people scatter around, killing the MF bonus, I would rather carry 3 people on public games than playing solo.

The drops are just so better on T6 MP.

I kinda play on a half-douche mode - I rarely stay on rifts after guardians, I leave game without closing. Then I leave/join until I find a game with the rift already open, with people inside (so I don't have to wait until other players sort their things).

I play GRs solo, only, just to level my gems.

On the current season, T2 and T4 felt fair. T6 is crowded with leechers, but I don't see people raging - probably because they need the 1k+ players on T6 to get the extra loot.


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I haven't tried MP since ROS. Played MP rather often in D3V but I don't know the rules for ROS with bounties, rifts and greater rifts (like T1 bounties = split farming for RoRG). In D3V it was easy. Just play through the story doing optional dungeons if one wanted to enter it.

The other problem with MP is that you must have some time where you know you won't be interrupted. That is what prevented me from doing rifts earlier when they took me 30' to complete (still have >500 rift keys).


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Yeah, the party bonus is really noticeable. I always seem to find more Legendaries on T6 in MP than when I play solo. Splitting up can be still a good idea though, but probably only when you're doing bounties.