Gearing up a Whirlwind Barb for Hardcore PvM, Best in Slot?


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What's up D2 Classic people. Shaking off the rust in Diablo 2 and was wondering where you'd go from here with this single player Whirly Barb? Standard WW/BO/Mastery build with extras in Nat. Res. and Shout. Particularly thinking about what to look for in a helm and armor, are there any worthwhile magic Ornate Plates or should I be looking for Rares? The dual angelic rings look like overkill but I'm really feeling the AR hit when I swap them out. Any useful Uniques I should be keeping an eye out for? I did some searching for endgame WW Barb gear setups but couldn't find any example characters, if anyone has any would love to see them!

Finally any tips on best MF spots for a Whirly would be well received, have mostly been running Meph and Flayer jungle to date. ;)

Current gear setup here:

Some highlights here:



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Wtf that martel is crazy. Pity I don't have my old HC barb alive anymore. Could have checked what I used with him.

But anyways I had something like 280 Martel on him. I think I had 2 setups of items on him.

1. If the game was less than 4 players I had 3ptopaz helm (or tarn, can't remember). Then I think some MF gloves with other goodies.
2. If the game had more than 4 players the killing started to slow down a bit so I had Sigon Helm + Gloves for some AR boost + Leech. On top of that I also used Goblin Toes to get that Crushing Blow.

3. ( for physical immunes) Shield + 1h hammer to zerk them down.

Armor I had high def life + resist Ornate. +2 Barb amu with resist, dual leech rings with high AR.