gear slots to have pierce?


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gear slots to have pierce?

is there anywhere else i can get pierce besides belt and bow (non amazon)


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according to this side. No you can't.

Here are some of the items and their piercing percentages:
Razortail (unique Sharkskin Belt): 33%
Stormstrike (unique Short Battle Bow): 25%
Ichorstring (unique Crossbow): 50%
Doomslinger (unique Repeating Crossbow): 33%
Kuko Shakaku (unique Cedar Bow): 50%
Buriza-Do Kyanon (unique Ballista): 100%
Demon Machine (unique Chu-Ko-Nu): 66%
Gut Siphon (unique Demon Crossbow): 33%
Note that most of these are crossbows. This is due to the nature of a crossbow. It is much more powerful than a bow. However, they are quite slow in most instances and require more investment into strength and dexterity than most mageazons can afford.
P.S. And I don't know any other myself.