Gear/Skill Choices for my Nat's WWSin


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Gear/Skill Choices for my Nat's WWSin

I'll be using the Nat's Set (Obviously) and a Chaos. I need choices for socketing my Nat's and for the Amulet, Rings, and Glove selections. And I need to know if I should go for Skill GCs or Life/Stat Charms.

I don't really want to go for Psn since there are Psn Immunes and from what I've seen, it doesn't kill very fast. And OW doesn't kill very fast either...=(. So CB, and Physical will be my main damage.

And no, I'm not going to buy 3/20/20s for this.

Thanks for all the input!


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What about 10/1XX GCs?? Those do more damage, and you shouldn't need the life for PvM anyway. Skill charms will only be useful if you are doing Venom, and Life/Stats are overrated (imho).

Unfortunately, there is no real way to get CB with Nat's set (aside from the gloves and socketing the Mark with a Ber rune).

Venom is worth investment just because you have nothing else to really put stat points into. Well, mostly. Maxing Claw Mastery, Death Sentry, and a Shadow only does so much. After that, it is only a few 1-pt wonders, and pumping Fade or Venom. It may not be your killer, but damage is damage. It works amazingly well in Nightmare, and you will notice the difference in Hell, even if it doesn't do the work for you.

There are only a couple things left for the ring/ammy/belt/gloves/sockets/charms. They are:
Resists (only a tiny bit - the set has nice bonuses)
DR (I like String, though Verdungo's is popular also - another option is a crafted Blood belt for OW)
Cannot Be Frozen (I always have one Raven Frost whenever I can get it)
CB (see above)
Elemental damage for PIs (Facets are the rich-man's solution, and don't underestimate elemental damage chrams)
PMH (don't leave this at home. Poison (with a long duration) or Open Wounds does the same trick)

Just my humble thoughts, good luck with it.


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I'm planning to take her to 80 or how does this look:

20 Claw Mastery
20 Venom
20 Fade
20 Claw Block or Death Sentry or split?
and some into Shadow Master, MB, BoS, etc

Helm: Nat's (Sockets?)
Amulet: Highlords (Don't really want to spend much or do I need Angelics?)
Ring 1: Raven Frost
Ring 2: Bul Katho's Wedding Band
Gloves: Dracul's Grasp
Belt: Verdungoe's (Do I need the DR? B/c I thought the set gives like 25% or something and /w Fade, that's a lot)
Boots: Nat's
Armor: Nat's (Again what to socket?)
Claws: Chaos and Nat's, but which one is on the right and which on the left and what shoudl I make my Chaos in and what to socket in the Nat Claw?



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The Lifetap on Draculs will not trigger while you are in WW mode. I would go with something that has CB.... unless you are doing a hybrid (which you did not mention).

For PvM, I never put more than 5 base points if I know I have +skills boosting. The set has a nice +5 getting you to 50% blocking. IMO, the returns aren't worth the effort of adding more, though it is necessary for PvP.

With your level of Fade, more DR from the equipment won't be needed. I prefer BoS, but that's mostly due to my speed freak nature.

It shouldn't make much difference what hand you have each of the claws in. Try switching them around and find what you like.

Mana may be an issue on this build - I didn't see any ML. This is one build you might actually like a Crescent Moon amulet on. Past this, Highlords is a great choice, but not needed if you don't want to pay for it.

That's all from me. Good luck with the build - I'm just going off of assassin experience. I haven't managed to build this variant specifically. Maybe someone who has can trick-out the last of the skills for you.


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Yeah I decided Nos Coil would be better; and I'll have 14 ML from Nat's and 6 or 7 ML from a Raven Spiral. I'll have a total of about...~40 LL =). And yes I'll have 50 DR /w 30 from the Set and 20 from the Fade.

How will my AR be? I'll have Demon Limb on switch b/c this is just seomthing for fun so I'm investing in a CtA, Annihilus, Skill GCs, or nice Charms.

I NEED HELP ON Helm and Armor sockets; I'm going to Ber the Nat Claw.