Gear questions


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Gear questions

hello to you all!
first of all, i have titans 180ed, ds nigma, shako, but no sheild, gloves, boots, or rings.

1. Should i get phenoix for my zon? I looked at it at and it looks wicked good!

2. what boots and gloves should i get

3. what rings?

4. whats the best ammy to get?

keep in mind i am a JAVAzon!

thanks :)


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Here goes:

1. Phoenix is decent but you probably rely more on your skills than straight physical damage. You may find that a Spirit Monarch suits you better (If you have the strength but you said you have enigma)

Really depends on your play style too.

2. Boots: Waterwalks are good, War Travelers for the magic find, tri-resist rares with FRW
Gloves: +java skills magic or rare with other good mods.

3. Ravenfrost for the CBF, stone of jordan, BK ring

4. + amazon skills or + java skills.

I assume you are trying to get your damage high on all your java skills (Fury, LB, CS). If this is different then there are other gear options.

Hope this helps,



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thanks that helped alot.
i cant get spirit because im non ladder :(
but for a sheild...should i use lidless or phenoix?
i will try for the other gear u mentioned thx


EDIT: i mainly like pheniox because of the redemption aura. it looks real helpful. u think i should get faith for my bow merc?
if so, which faith is better for the bow merc? GM or Mart


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I personally don't like phoenix, the ctc messes up your attack and hangs you out to dry. I would use Lidless with phoenix on switch. Maybe trade for a low fcr spirit. Well, I don't know if there has been a reset since spirit was introduced, so I am probably wrong.

Act 1 Rogue merc is not an amazon, and therefore must use blade, hydra, crusader, or shadow bow faith. I have shadow faith and its cool.
Best choice would be infinity merc, but don't know if you can get one (see above).

Boots: don't forget about the cow kings boots. Huge frw, dex, and some mf.

Ammy: Catseye or Highlords are good for unique ammys. Maras is not bad, depending upon your needs. +dex is good because as a straight javzon you should go min dex and get a hella amount of life. The +dex is mainly for blocking. No reason to put all those points into dex when you get 3 life per vit and have dodge, evade, and avoid.


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oh damnit i thought that the act 1 merc could use any bow.

but thanks i will look into this gear


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Isn't Phoenix ladder only as well?

Lidless is good for non-ladder, as well as Splendor I think. Splendor allows you to put it in a better base block shield as well.