Gear for HC Untwinked Hammerdin


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Gear for HC Untwinked Hammerdin

Hi all!

My HC Untwinked Hammerdin is in act3 Hell :) and with Evasive and wickedswami I hope to finish Hell soon.

It really isn't a difficult char to play but I want him in time to be as safe as possible in Hell p1 and capable of p3, p7, p8 (!) stuff.

First, get the runes to HotO! I will have to do a lots of Countess Runs. Right now just the Vex is missing.

Second, pit runs for a good shield base for Spirit, 40+ all resist sacred targe.

Third, get as many MF as I can and just run for xp and mf.

So I have some questions:

1 - Flail as a base for HotO, normal one right? I don't see the point for an eth one, I can always charge with it if needed and everyone has the needed str and dex for it.

2 - What's the best place for the cheesedin to look for that base shield? Should I do that with max survivability or just enough and get some MF? Some other good things might drop also.

3 - Where should I run for mf and xp with him?

4 - Helm and Armor, should I upgrade them? Currently using Lore and Stealth. Enigma it's just hard to get :p GA and Vipermagi can take their time to drop and Shako and Kira's will surely take a lot of time. Do you think delirium can be good? +2 all skills, +10vit, 25mf and the attract charges can be helpful but no resists... As for armor, I will use a Spirit Shroud as soon as I don't need the FCR from Stealth, or do you think an eth Prudence should be better? Lionheart, Smoke?


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Re: Gear for HC Untwinked Hammerdin

1. normal flail
2. Durance of Hate lv 2 armor shelf has a good chance to drop gray pal shield.
Other than that, any area you can kill fast will get the job done. Unload the MF if you are looking for a base shield to avoid magic ones.
3. Depends on your clvl and equipments. If you are under 80, I suggest the Pit for both MF and xp.
4. Vipe can drop very early in the game and is a great armor. If you are trying to MF a bit before beating the game, I suggest meph. I mf him even when I don't have teleport.
What's your resistance in Hell? I would not consider +skills and MF if I don't have enough resistance for survive.


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Re: Gear for HC Untwinked Hammerdin

2. Great place for finding good pally shield is Countess tower lvl4. On various map seeds I found quite stable ST racks while running Countess. If you are going to farm he for Vex you might want to check for those racks.
Note that I have found only 3 [email protected] ST while runing her fot CtA runes in SP Ladder, so statistically you should get one in time for Vex. On switch you might want to make Rhyme in hig allres ST for MF. Perhaps you may find Blade of ali baba or some similar MF weapon. That would help in farming meph or act bosses.

3. I did some Pit runs with hammerdin and I'm not impressed. You won't get high %dr and cursed archers really might take you out. I sugest AT. Those monsters are much less dangeorus if you are HC. Only resist that you need is lightling and Lore helps here also.

4. Viper would be awesome, all around, but if you don't get it you should either go for 50allresist from smoke, or get some armor with +skill. If Stealth puts you in 125 fhr then don't change it. Lore is great for cost. Only reasonable upgrades would be Tarnhelm/Shako. They might fall if you get lucky.


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Re: Gear for HC Untwinked Hammerdin

1) Are you sure about wanting 'Heart of the Oak'? I won't deny that it's pretty good, but if you happen to have found a Wizardspike up to this point, that would probably be a better choice overall. A little less damage, but a whole lot more of everything else. A Vex rune is almost half of a 'Call to Arms', after all. (...and yes, a regular Flail would be fine.)

2) I hope you aren't saving for that one special 40+ resist all Sacred Targe. Any paladin shield will work, since the runes are pretty easy to get. Work your way up the food chain slowly with improvements any time you can get them.

3) They will be very slow, but have you tried Masoleum runs?

4) Upgrade them if you feel the need to, but work based upon what your other gear is lacking. If it's resistances, go for 'Smoke' or 'Lionheart', possibly 'Gloom' if you feel like being a big spender. If you don't need the resistances, Twitchthroe (if you don't have max block), 'Wealth', or an armor with 3-4x Sol runes / Perfect Ruby / Perfect Sapphire / Perfect Topaz could be potentially useful as well.

Doctor Clock

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Re: Gear for HC Untwinked Hammerdin

Personally, I wouldn't want to run the Countess on HC untwinked. The archers down there can get nasty. A Spirit sword would do fine. However, if you are an experienced and comfortable HC player, feel free to disregard.

As for mfing, if it were me, I'd run Hell Meph a bit and hope for some decent sets/uniques/rares. Doesn't take long for him to drop good stuff.


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Re: Gear for HC Untwinked Hammerdin

Thanks all :)

For now I won't run much, both Countess and Areas/Bosses (to avoid the characters being some levels apart), I just do some when we can't play in MP.

Using a spirit sword and shield apart from the lore and stealth. Rest of the gear with resists, fhr, mana, life and +1 pal skills. Charms with resist, life and mana.

That does make sense, I got two blues ST in the game and with none or little MF, with more it would be harder for a white or gray one.

I'm almost at lvl 84 with 69 / 77 / 79 / 52 resists in Hell.
Maxed BH dmg and currently with lvl 9 HS with the +skills.
Around ~1400 life and ~50 CtB.

I've seen some racks, not with good base stuff although. While we don't finish Hell and other MP questing I can't invest much in getting a good map. Good idea, switch when finishing, I don't know how I forgot it, I do have two ali baba and a rhyme. Just have to see how can I get 15 str, perhaps just spend stat points, I'll need the str anyway in the future.

Yeah the archers are really dangerous but as long as the moron is alive and I've got purples they are dead, I do have to flee often... In AT can't I get some magic immunes?

I haven't found a Wizardspike yet, do you think it's faster running Countess for runes to cube a Vex or just MF (with switch of ~150 mf) some boss for a spike? I can always get other uniques and some runes from mf also...

I'm already using a spirit shield, it could have better resists and CtB but for now is fine. The runes for roll and unsocket I'm saving them for a better base.

I haven't tried, won't it have a bad "terrain" for the hammers?

@Doctor Clock
Since I spent some stat points in dex I've finding running Countess easier, but those archer packs still make me use some purples.

Those dolls really scare me, perhaps andy instead of mephisto?