Gear for Daggermancer?


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Gear for Daggermancer?

I've had a look at the guide and I'm still a bit stuck on picking optimal end game gear for a daggeramncer. Eventually 5/5 psn facets in everything that can take them... Charms can make up for everything else that is lacking.

ATM this is what I've been thinking...

Wep: Blackbogs
Armor: Bramble (50%)
Helm: Shako
Rings: SoJ/Raven for CBF if no Trang belt/Carrion Wind?
Boots: Sandstorm comes up immedately as a good idea, after looking around Gores and Waterwalk also seem to be suitable...
Ammy: Maras... Cats Eye and Metalgrid also look like they would work, or something with +PnB/Necro all/all in general
Shield: Homun/Trang
Glove: Bloodfist/Trang
Belt: Arach/Trang/Dungos for that healthy life boost

I thought about Homun for a shield with the +3 all and res and just other excelent mods. But the guide mentions a 3 piece Trang set bonus that includes Shield, Gloves, and something else, I'll assume belt for the CBF. This gives +25%/-25%, although I haven't seen this, I assume it's true. I also thought about Arachnids for the belt (later on assuming I get that high) for the skill, slow target and Venom synergy. As for the sub on gloves I thought about upped Bloodfists for the FHR to bring it to 80%.

OT: What is the Plague Poppy on the Carrion Wind?

Comments welcome and appreciated!


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Why not a fleshripper? Here's a readout of one (the ed ranges from 200 to 300):
Fanged Knife
One-Hand Damage: 53 to 203
Durability: 25 of 36
Required Dexterity: 86
Required Strength: 42
Required Level: 68
Dagger Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0xcdc67b47
+257% Enhanced Damage
-50% Target Defense
Prevent Monster Heal
50% Chance of Open Wounds
25% Chance of Crushing Blow
33% Deadly Strike
Slows Target by 20%

It lacks skills, but coupled with gores you'd have nice melee mods, especially the crushing blow and open wounds, imagine, a monster that's slowed, poisoned, has open wounds on it, and is repeadetly (sp?) hit with crushing blow. :D


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I'd stick with Blackbogs...Fleshripper is a nice weapon but a daggermancer isn't an ordinary melee build that hits a lot, so crushing and deadly strike aren't as important. I wouldn't wear a SOJ... a Raven or Angelic combo is better, no point in massive poison damage if you can't hit anything.

3 piece Trang is usually gloves+belt+shield...That'll give the +25%/-25% poison thing which is very nice...the belt also gives CBF. Bloodfists are nice gloves but I think partial Trangs is the way to go. Arachnid's Mesh is a nice belt (+1skill & slow) but the charges of Venom won't synergise anything:(..

I'd also recommend getting some revives/skellies for added protection and use a clay golem.

The plague poppy on Carrion Wind is actually the Druid skill Plague Creeper...It's called Plague Poppy in the game files...not sure why though.

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Chimaira said:
I'd stick with Blackbogs...Fleshripper is a nice weapon but a daggermancer isn't an ordinary melee build that hits a lot, so crushing and deadly strike aren't as important.
That depends on what direction he wants to take the build in. If he wants to go poison (as it would seem from the gear) he should focus on getting a good amount of FHR and FR/W to make quick hit-and-run attacks.
He can also go for a melee version of the Daggermancer. That requires a different set-up.

But it would seem that you are correct. The rest of his gear is focussed towards getting more poison damage so a Blackbog's is best.

For a Helmet you may want to try Andy's Visage. The way Venom interacts with PDagger is very interesting and can give your poison an enormous boost.


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Sorry for not clearifying, yeah I am going for the max poision approach to this build. So does the Venom from Andys Face/Arach just stack ontop of the poison dagger skill?