Gear for a conc barb....


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Gear for a conc barb....

Ok, I have never really played a barb past 25 or so, so this will be my first. I'm looking to make a conc barb, and i have been mfing with my sorc for the past few days and i have gotten some decent stuff through trading. I think i have my setup pretty much figured out, but i need some help specifically in the sword category.
ok here goes...
Helm: Arreat's face. I think this is as good as it gets so im good there.
Armor: I have glad bane and corpsemourn and shaft. I dont really know which is best here, and i definitely cant get any runewords.
Shield: SS lucky meph.....
Boots: goreriders, I also have war travs so help me out.
Gloves: I have Laying of Hands, but i can get something better if i work for it. SO suggest something.
Belt: i have String of ears for the DR, but if theres something better thats cheap, tell me.
Rings: a dual leech and a ravenfrost.
Ammy: i have one with plus skills, str, and resists, best i can get.
And finally the weapon. I have a flamebellow with a 40 ed jwl in it. I got it from a friend, and it's pretty much the only sword i have. If theres something better thats just as cheap or at least under gf tell me. I cant use BOTD, or any even remotely high runewords. I have pul/lum, so if you know of some sword that is better once upgraded i can try to get that.
Thanks for your help.


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Ok For boots i'd use goreriders (for the deadly strike) for combat gear, but the wartravs will be a nice swap when doing mf runs.

For armour i wouldn't use shaft, with SS your damage reduction is pretty good, and if you use String that should take you to the 50% cap.

Gloves: Laying of Hands are nice if you need the ias to make a breakpoint, if not draculs is my preference, Steelrends are also popular.

Sorry i can't help with the sword question, i don't know my swords too well, but hopefully someone else will help.


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Well Laying of hands are nice...from the way he talked steelrends/dracul he aint no way close to getting, as nor I...also look into Lava Gout.

Armor, well from your selection I would go with Bane, but CorpseMourn until you get to that high lvl of 85. But, hmm lets seem with the runes you have...all you need is a UM, and a Shael and you got the Stone runeword, which to Hal, and his build(I think) is one of the best choices for a concentrate build. So its osmething to work towards...actually I'm doing the same, all I need left is a UM, but until then I retain my good ole' Bane.

your sword does do good damage, I chose it for awhile, tho I couldnt decide if I wanted to use that or a DoomBringer...I eventually went with Doom, but FlameBellow did more damage, also had nice 30%fire absorb, and a cool fire skill.
So I say stick with the Flame, until maybe you get a nice runeword, or a nice unique. Its a good sword.
Only reason I went with Doom was becasue of the weaken chance when striking. Otherwise my choice of what choices I had was Flame.
Rest of your gear looks great. As far as i'm concerned.


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Flamebelow is a good sword if your only using it as a temp for gf. Doombringer is also an excellent pvm sword, fast, decent dmg, and adds a ton to life. S/S barbs were about all I played in 1.09 aside from my zealot.