Gear doesn't show on character in TCP/IP


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A bit of a strange issue here. I'm playing with 5 other characters on TCP/IP. Some of their gear doesn't show up on their characters. Here's a screenshot from my client (I am the zon). The sorceress wears a CoH Kraken Shell but on my screen it looks like she's wearing no armor. Also she's holding a stormshield which doesn't appear either. The druid is holding a Tomb Reaver which also does not appear even though the rest of his gear does. The Paladin's gear is all there, too.


On the Druid's screen you can see he is holding the Tomb Reaver but both the sorc and the zon appear naked.


Any idea how I can fix this?


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This is a bug that's been around for a long time. When a character gets the strength or dexterity necessary to equip some of their gear from equipment, that gear appears invisible to other players. It can be kind of fun to see an amazon "throwing" arrows. It shouldn't affect gameplay.


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I solved it by tweaking the strength/dexterity on the other chars. If you increase them, you hit a point where the gear finally becomes visible on the other players' screen. There must be a bug with the interplay of different gear as it also increases attributes.

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To my knowledge, Noodle isn't completely correct here. There are two effects about it:

First, if your equipment provides a strength or dexterity bonus which which is needed to meet its strength or dex requirement, others will not see that piece of equipment. You can equip that kind of stuff only be applying tricks, like putting on a makeshift item with a likewise high str bonus, then putting on the piece of equipment and then taking off the makeshift item again. Other game instances don't apply that trick in order to figure out which equipment is to be shown.

Second, if you meet a str or dex requirement because of a charm, it's the same. Other game instances aren't told which charms are in the inventory, so they believe there's something fishy with the equipment if the character doesn't have enough str without the charms and don't display it.