Gear choices for Ubers?


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Gear choices for Ubers?

I finally got around to levelling up my Fenzy Barb and I have a few gear choices for Uber Trist.

Current Gear:
Um'd Arreats
Grief PB
Enigma dusk
Angelic Ammy/Ring
Various charms, nothing too amazing
2 x HotOs on switch for shouts/teleing
Torch and Anni

Delirium death mask
1881 def fort
Insight CV

With shouts up, my stats are:
4648 health
14.4k/14.0k AR
67/67/75/67 resists
9362 def
29% life leech
22% DR

So my question is this. In my stash I have a CoH, LoH, some nice crafted gloves with LL, crushing blow, str, and life, an um'd Guillame's, a meh CoA(12% dr, 1 os, 25 all res, 382 def), another Ravenfrost, and a Highlord's. For regular PVM I plan on using the Enigma and for Ubers I figured CoH/Guillame's would be better. But what about the other pieces, and then my merc's gear? I thought Delirium might be good for keeping adds busy, but it'd interfere with Life Tap which I don't think I could survive without. I don't have other weapons and don't really have the wealth for a Last Wish or something since I'm on non-ladder. So, opinions?