G'day G'day :)


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G'day G'day :)

I thought that since I have just made the move from BNET to SP that I would introduce myself to the natives :)

G'day - How you all doing?

I'm 22, an electronic engineering student from Melbourne, Australia, and have recently moved into a flat with my girlfriend. I'm really enjoying living with her, but we have only got a dial-up internet connection, so not really suitable for bnetting.

I've been playing D2 for a couple of years now, mostly HC (I started on Asia for the connection speed, then switched to US East for the ability to speak english :lol: ). Enjoyed PvM and a little PvP in my time on bnet, but now it seems that most of the people I used to play with have all moved on. Now bnet is basically a hacking, botting dupe-fest... So I'm coming to SP!

Currently I've got a 78 Trapsin, 80 Blizzardess, 34 LoM, 15 Skellimancer, and a 34 Fury wolf. I've found an assortment of odds and ends so far, not a lot worth mentioning, except for 2 (two) SOJS! The Blizzardess has just passed Duriel in hell, and is hoping to get to meph before too long (hopefully the defiance merc with shaft/rockstopper/kelpie snare can hold him steady :)).
I'm intending in the long run to aquire a self-found grail, and participate in some of your awesome competitions!

Well, I've waffled on long enough (mmm... waffles...), hopefully I'll see you guys round!



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I'd say welcome, but you're from Australia :p

Congrats on the 2 SsOJ, I think D2 want's you to stick with SP for a while. Your merc should do fine with that set-up against hell meph, remember you can always tele to get him out of trouble.


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Welcome to SPF, check the stickies, check the tournaments.
I have exactly the same gear on my blizz mephrunner's merc and he can tank Meph for a while. Long enough for me to kill him at P3


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Hurray, another bnet convert! :clap:
Welcome to the Single Player Forum! Enjoy your stay, and don't feed the squid.
*boots on tartan golf shoes of shin kicking and kicks skaman where it hurts. no not there, in the shins.*
Welcome! do not feed the squid, i think he's now lurking around the outer permiter after his last succesful attack. enrolment at the anti-squid school is mandetory!
Now, come over to the EMB bar for a pint or 6 of your favourite beverage.


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kidding. welcome to the forums. sledge is from melbourne and i can put up with his n00bishness


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SkaMan said:
(mmm... waffles
Wait till water_moon arrives and you'll get more than you could possibly eat, ever ;)

Welcome to the SPF, SkaMan! Make yourself comfortable and enjoy! :)


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Sidhe said:
Wait till water_moon arrives and you'll get more than you could possibly eat, ever ;)

Welcome to the SPF, SkaMan! Make yourself comfortable and enjoy! :)
I don't just bring waffles of welcome, I bring cookies, cakes, blueberry pancakes, muffins, and squid replent. Please disregaurd fb as he's off in the head (what other excuse could there be for giving away a zod?) I'm sure you'll hear it enough, but check the stickes and enjoy your tournement entries :)


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welcome. im also a student and also 22. hehe.

must say though, australia is kinda our arch enemy, me being from south africa. however, our rugby's been so poor, i wont go on about that. although, bulls kinda kicked your ass. hehe.

then again, steve waugh best cricketer of all time.

yeah, do some challenges, their great. and then i can get back some some pride for my country. . . how good are u exactly at d2, hehe . . .


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Welcome fellow Melbournian. :thumbsup:
Beware the squid and make sure you have your shin guards.