G'day everybody!


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G'day everybody!

Hello to all fellow D2 players,

I have no idea where I should post my intro post but was told I should post one so here you go.

I'm Andy Pun from Malaysia currently studying in New Zealand.

I've been playing D2 since it was released and I think I'm still addicted to it (used to play everyday but cut down to once a week to study!)

My favourite character is none other than my assassin Nazima (lvl69 though this is not my first assasin (computer crashes and viruses) I've always kept that name) I reckon that speed is the key to having a successful assassin and mine is based on having fast walking speed to fast attacking speed.

I've played all other characters and completed the first difficulty for each of them except for Barbarian and Paladin (they kept dying and I lost interest in them). Maybe I'm not playing them right...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to trading items and that could save me heaps of time that I really should use to study!

Have fun everyone, cheers!


Hi! Good to know that another Malaysian is here in the forum! Welcome, and warmest regards to malaysian!

Visit the Trade Forum if you wanna trade items. Be sure to state your trade profile.

Welcome again! Andy! Selamat datang ke forum diablo!!!

EDIT: so far i only know my hubby, Skullcaptain, and handsofnaz, Socialism, Tracul and you are from the same nation. :wink3:


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Welcome to the forum, have a read of the stickies and have these ..
*hands over slightly used shin guards*

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Welcome to the forum.:wave: You've already got some shin guards from Thyiad. Thanks Thyiad, I'm a little slow this morning. Don't forget to read the stickies and watch out for the squid. Looks like you told us everything about yourself so you will be getting extra cookies in w_m's patented goodie basket.

Stop by the EMB some time and have a beer on me.:thumbsup:


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*charge Xyle*
welcome to the SPF, don't eat cookies,just give them to me
*kick Xyle shin*


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*sets nebuxs cape on varnishing on fire*

welcome to the fourm enjoy your stay read the stickies and stop by the bar for a drink on durf.

may all your drops be green and gold


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Hi and welcome, I'm fairly new here too, so I'll lay off the shins -- cause mine are still a little sore. :wave:

Enjoy your stay, and if you're RWM/RRM, maybe we can trade to get you some good Assassin stuff...

If not, there are some Vanillas, just not as many, that have good stuff too. :thumbsup:


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Thank you everybody.

I feel so welcomed!!! :laugh:

(my shins are hurting though...the shin guards need to be repaired!)


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Welcome! Here's your goodie basket of baked goodies and squid repelant. Don't mind the shin kickers, they mean well. I think eveybody about covered everything so here's your extra cookies and enjoy!