garndfather sword


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garndfather sword

i just recently got a 225ed gf and put a socket in to it what should i socket it with

i duel lots barb vs barb also


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If WW a 15ias/enh dmg is the best option, since it will reach the [-10] bp, and give you dmg

-if using other skills a shael could be an option depending on ias on other gear
ya id go with a 40 enhanced damage 15 icreased attack speed jewel bcause with ww only the increased attk spped on the weapon matters


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skull-lords123 said:
im on ladder guys.... no 40/15 on ladder
Well then, you should still be able to find at least an xx/ias jewel or even a shael rune; that'll take you to the next break, which would increase damage output a good deal.