Gaming, attachment and...death!


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I am a Psychology undergraduate student at Middlesex University in London and am part of a research project that is currently undertaking an interesting twofold study. The first part of the study explores and compares emotional attachments to places in the “real” world and places in MMO games; e.g. do you possess the same feelings towards your “home” as you do, say, Ironforge in World of Warcraft? Are they different? The second part of the study looks at evaluating the motivations to play permadeath games/game modes; why do people play such unforgiving games? What may predict the desire to play these games? These are just some of the questions we hope to answer with your help. In order to collect data relevant to our research we have created a survey, with all provided information being totally anonymous. The survey includes questions about you, the games you play, how you play, your religion, your attachment to your character, a place of significance to you, and some questions about death. The total participation time for this research is estimated to be approximately 30 minutes.