Game starts freezing on and off after playing for about an hour de

Johnny Smash

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Game starts freezing on and off after playing for about an hour

Okay, so I go to play online, and everything is fine, until...

After about an hour (though sometimes sooner) the game freezes up. Or more like, my computer does. During the freeze, which lasts around 20 seconds, I can't do anything. No alt+f4, no ctrl+alt+delete, nothing..

But after 20 seconds or so, the game will unfreeze for a few short seconds, then freeze up again for another 20 seconds. During this time I usually exit the game asap, but the freezes still continue. Yes- even when the game is not running, Windows continues to freeze on and off. In the end I have to reboot my computer.

Anyone know what's going on??


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i don't know for sure but it does sound like like this is a hardware problem most likly your graphic card or your cpu cooling . have you had this problem only playing diablo ? try to get a hardware monitor program ,it should tell you what is cousing the problem


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I'd first recommend running a virus scan with an up-to-date set of virus definitions. Following that, a checkup with Spybot Search and destroy. If your system turns out clean of viri, trojans, worms, spyware, etc. I still suspect it's some program/system process that's causing the freezing as an overheating problem will usually result something more erratic including spontaneous reboots rather than just temporary freez-ups.

If the problem wasn't a result of a virus or spyware type affliction, then it may just be something running with poor coding or plain old bloat. When the intermittant freezes start, try Ctrl+Alt+Del again when you are able. Select the 'Processes' tab and leave Windows Task Manager visible while you do other things till it freezes again. When it does freeze, take a look at the task list to see if there's a process that's gobbling your resources. (Click the 'CPU' heading to make the list sort by most activity first. Generally this should be "System Idle Process" this is usually the only process that you want running high consistantly. It just means your computer has a lot of free cycles to spend on whatever demands them, anything else running high means it's working the computer hard. This is fine for a complex game, heavy video or graphic editing, or things like that. If it's something you aren't aware of, it very likely doesn't need to be running.)

I run eMule almost all the time, even when gaming as my computer and IP can handle the activity with no problem - most of the time. I did discover, however, that after compressing my temp download folder my computer would hang terribly (usually while I was in the middle of some dangerous battle online) when a download was completed and was being decompressed from the temp folder to the completed folder. It was by checking Task Manager processes that I saw the culprit. (and learned to pause all downloads or simply close eMule while gaming) I also discovered that some slight stutters were occuring when SysMetrix checks all my email addresses, but this is minor so I let it run.

If you encounter a process that appears to be the cause of your problem, but you can't identify it, check at,,, or just a Google search for the process name to see if it's something you need or even want running. If you bought a computer with a lot of stuff already installed or have installed a lot of various things yourself, including hardware support software beyong basic drivers, you may have a ridiculous number of things that run at startup and devour CPU cycles in the background without your knowing and can bring your computer to a screeching halt at times or just cause an all out crash. If your process list is long you may need to fire up MSConfig and trim some of the startup fat.

Having said all of this, if you only notice this when you play Diablo then I'm not so sure... Though it may be like it is with me sometimes, you play D2 soo much it seems like everything is related to it. ;-)


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Smash, I seem to have the same problem as you at times, D2 will freeze for a few seconds, or the game will become very choppy. I never see this happen in any other game or application, however. I just figured it was a result of slow servers.