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I just had the weirdest gambling experience EVER! I was gambling with all the money i had saved up on my necro from e/s/p runs in order to gamble an ammu for my next char, as well as a ring or two. So, i talk to gheed and gamble an ammy. I wave my mouse over it expecting to see something like 2 to light radius, but it's an atma's scarab! So, i am like OMFG, to say teh least. Well, i still had 2 million gold left, so i decided to shoot for some rings. I gamble once and BAM a ravenfrost. I was pretty amazed, so i gambled the rest of my gold away to nothing. But today, i was gambling again, and i see a dagger on gheed's screen. I gamble it and BAM gull. Is this the BEST luck ever. In 2 days of gambling that's three uniques. Thats more than i have gambled in MY life on teh realms. I was just wondering if any of you guys have gotten anything like this bfore.


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I think i got a few Angelics, but I must say that your gambling luck has been extraordinary.

When I gamble (and I gamble quite a lot) I am mainly looking for good rares.

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I'm guessing I've spent around the 500 million gold mark, maybe more, and I've gotten a Cathans Ring and Angelic Halo, but thats it for 1.09/ 1.10 gambling. I guess I'm unlucky or something :)


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I've got once Naja Circlet ( the best set item from gambling :lol: ) and some angelic rings and ammy and some other very low lvl unique items.


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i seem to recall getting gauntlets once (don't ask me why I was gambling for gauntlets :scratch: ), but otherwise, I just look for decent rares.


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When hunting for an ammy for Mephista, I burned all the cash on all the lvl 70+ characters I had (all having max cash). I'm not sure how many million that adds up, but quite alot. No set or unique ammy...some good rares and magicals though.


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The Cat's Eye
Required Level: 50
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 80
Fingerprint: 0xf1a47838
+25 to Dexterity
+100 Defense
+100 Defense vs. Missile
20% Increased Attack Speed
30% Faster Run/Walk



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The only one I've ever gambled was ginther's rift in 1.09, besides that, no unique, no set, no useful rare, nada.


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I gambled a ravenforst, nagelring, eye of elitch, and mara's kaleidoscope. The maras is the best of the bunch. :winner:


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NSXdreamer said:
The only one I've ever gambled was ginther's rift in 1.09, besides that, no unique, no set, no useful rare, nada.
gambling a ginther's in 1.09 is astoundingly lucky... the odds in 1.09 were miserably low to gamble unique, plus its an exceptional item.

i've never gambled any sets or uniques... :D


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I gambled a pair of Tearhaunch with my HC necro just a week ago...even though they are of no use to him, it was cool as hell.



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I NEVER gambled a unique untill 2 weeks ago. Since then I gambled a Miras Kalidascope Ammy the first Miras I ever had) and FrostBurn Gauntlets. Go figure.