gambling issues


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gambling issues

my highest chars are lvl **, and i've been doing a lot of gambling lately. mainly what i have been looking for are:

1. magical amulets with +3 tree, 2nd good mod.
2. +2 skill rares (for some reason, +2 skill ammys are really rare this ladder, i don't even find them in drops.)
3. dual leech rare rings.
4. +2 skill rare circlets or +3 tree magical circlets.

my questions:
1. for what i am looking for, would i be better off spending most of my gold on amulets or circlets?
2. i noticed that circlets are half the price of diadems/tiaras to gamble for. is there any advantage to gambling for the more expensive ones?
3. what's the highest dual leech ring i can get at my level?

thnx in advance.


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At that level, the only reason of gambling coronets instead of circlets is the chance of getting a tiara/diadem with artisan's/jeweler's prefx (making 110% MF headgear possible).

You will only see +2 all char skills drop from diablo, nihlathak or baal in hell.

To always have a chance of +2 char skills when gambling, you will have to be clvl 95. At clvl 85 and lower there is no chance at all, and from 10% (of having the chance, not of getting it) at clvl 86, the chance increases by 10% per extra level until 100% at clvl 95.

For comparison, my highest char will be lvl 94 in like, 50 straight hours of pindle running...


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Levels you need for each target:
1) ilvl 60 for +3 skill tree on amulets
2) ilvl 90 for +2 class skill on amulets
3) ilvl 77 for 8% ll, ilvl 86 for 6% ml on rings
4) ilvl 57 for +3 tree, ilvl 87 for +2 class on circlets

The ilvl 90 req on (2) is why you haven't seen any drop - only Diablo, Nihlathak and Baal can drop that high.

At clvl ** you are gambling items in the 83-92 range. That is fine for +3 tree, but only a reduced chance for +2 class on amulets and circlets (30% of amulets and 60% of circets you gamble will be high enough).

Likewise, you can get a max (8ll, 6ml) dual leech ring but only 70% of your rings will be high enough. The rest can certainly get the next lower mana leech grade though (5%).

I would have thought deciding between amulets and circlets would depend on what your char can afford to wear. But, you are slightly more likely to see +2 class skills on a circlet than an ammy at your level.

When you say gambling tiars/diadems I assume you mean coronets, which could become tiaras or diadems on a successful upgrade. That is why they are expensive. Despite the expense, it may be worth trying these. Coronets only need ilvl 82 to get +2 class skills which means any coronet you gamble is a chance. Getting a Tiara or Diadem upgrade would be even better, but not necessary.