Gambling/Imbuing Headgear


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Gambling/Imbuing Headgear

I use my imbue quest on headgear and I gamble headgear in order to get +2 skill, faster cast rate and resist all. Is there a "sweet level spot" where the chances that such an item is generated are higher? What is the minimum character level the game can generate such an item in gambling/imbueing?

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For imbuing, use diadems, as they can get any affix, no matter what their item level is (and no matter how they are produced, so it also applies to finding or rerolling them with other means). They also can get many useful affixes which normal helms cannot get.

For gambling, try circlets from L87 on or coronets from L82 on which gives you the chance (not the certaincy !) for +2 to skills 50% of the time (10% more probable for each level higher than that).