Gambling Formula is not -5/ +4 ?


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Hey Guys. This is my first post here :) and I have a quick question.

My Lvl 29 Necro is current sat in Act 5 Normal (I play Single Player, Hardcore, Full Clear, Untwinked, No rushing or levelling using P8, No Atma, PlugY etc ect ect)

I was always under the impression that when gambling ilvl = -5/+4 clvl. However when I gambled for boots with my lvl 29 Necro, 'Crimson Boots' showed up. How is this possible ? Crimson has an alvl of 5 and boots a qlvl of 3. The ilvl there is 5+3/2 = 6. I thought based on my character level, only items with ilvl between 24 and 33 will show up!

Many Thanks for the responses! I love you guys and love D2!


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Hmm, strange, I thought I answered this before. Did you ask it in a different forum as well?

Whatever, the ilvl sets up the maximum affix level of an affix, so the clvl -5/+4 range is about the value of the maximum, not about the range of possible affix levels. Every affix with an alvl not higher than than can occur (and only one of an affix group and no more than 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes).