Gambling Formula is not -5/ +4 ?


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Hey Guys. This is my first post here :) and I have a quick question.

My Lvl 29 Necro is current sat in Act 5 Normal (I play Single Player, Hardcore, Full Clear, Untwinked, No rushing or levelling using P8, No Atma, PlugY etc ect ect)

I was always under the impression that when gambling ilvl = -5/+4 clvl. However when I gambled for boots with my lvl 29 Necro, 'Crimson Boots' showed up. How is this possible ? Crimson has an alvl of 5 and boots a qlvl of 3. The ilvl there is 5+3/2 = 6. I thought based on my character level, only items with ilvl between 24 and 33 will show up!

Many Thanks for the responses! I love you guys and love D2!


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When gambling, ilvl is charlvl -5/+4 indeed.

It seems that you are confused that an affix with a low affix level has occurred. If an item has a certain ilvl and base qlvl, it doesn't mean that low affixes cannot occur anymore. The higher it is, the more affixes are added to the list of those possible.