Gambling Crafting help


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Gambling Crafting help

I want to craft ammys that can have +2 to skills.

My question is:
"what level does my character have to be, to gamble an amulet, and then immediately craft it, to give me a chance at a +2 skill ammy"?

Thank you.

-- I do a lot of D key runs, am I better off to wait for Nihlathak to drop a magic ammy?


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youll need a high base lvl ammy to start, gheed sometimes gives them to lvl 82 iirc, but youll have better luck running pits, nihlathak, pindl

then cube with your 82+ char for best chances of +2 skills,
odds are that youll see more with the +3skill tab mod tho ilvl 60

when you craft
ilvl = int(.5 * clvl) + int(.5 * ilvl)
+2 skill=ilvl 90
max ilvl for ammys is 99
so min clvl is 82

good luck rolling


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templecrasher said:
IIRC at level 93 any ammy you craft can get +2 skills.
IIRC you need to use a character at or above level 93 to gamble an ammy to have a guarenteed chance for +2 skills. Basically you need the item to have an ilevel of 90 upwards (easiest in SP because you can SEE the ilevel). A 93 level character will always gamble an of a level that will allow that chance when it is crafted.
This is from the SPF but is very interesting


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To have a chance at it? Level **. At level ** you can gamble an amulet with ilvl 92, crafted to give ilvl 90(the minimum for +2 to skills). You'll only have a 1/10 chance to get an amulet with ilvl 92, though.
Your chances go:
level **- need ilvl 92 amulet: 1/10 chance
level 89- need ilvl 92+ amulet: 2/10 chance
level 90- need ilvl 90+ amulet: 5/10 chance
level 91- need ilvl 90+ amulet: 6/10 chance
level 92- need ilvl **+ amulet: 9/10 chance
level 93- need ilvl **+ amulet: 10/10 chance
And after that, you'll need to craft a lot of amulets that have a chance in order to get a decent one.