Gambling advice


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Gambling advice

can some one explain gambling to me? I used to think it was stupid but now its seems people do it. Is there a method to gambling i should use? i.e. what act, what item i should gamble on?. should i just gamble all items i can each time...

Any help is appreciated


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Depends on what you are looking for.

Myself, I do rings and ammys looking for that occasional godly rare (got a highlords first time I switched over from rings to ammys :) ).

What else do you do with your money if you don't gamble with it?


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use highest character lvl u have, and use a runeword( i forget the name) in bow to -15% of vendor price and also have 15% gheeds in inventory, gold is useles, so collect alot of it, and when u have alot, gamble rings/ammys, sell ****y ones, keep good ones... u can even get uniques... very rare thou...


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GreyGhost said:
Level 89 is the first gambling "breakpoint," then 92, then 94. at 94 you can roll GG mods.

Good Luck.
GG? Good game? Great going? Godly Gear? GreyGhost?

I've seen this abbreviation all over the place, and it never ceases to confuse me.


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also use geed's Unique GC (maxim -15% prices)

good ideeas for gambling: