Gambling addict born

Mayor McCheese

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Gambling addict born

Last night I was running the pits with my 400%mf lvl 89 pit strafer having no luck at all,and I mean NO luck,so I decide to try my hand at gambling the 2 mil I had on hand.Long story short Im down to my last 100k and lo and behold I gamble a 14%-18% Wisp! I almost never gamble,but I think I am addicted!Anyone now the number of a gamblers support group,LOL


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I always gamble for rings, amulets and circlet class helmets ... so far the best gambles:
20/13 or 14 wisp
carrion wind ring
rare fcr/str rings
telling of beads


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I love gambling. I ask friends to give me large amounts of gold for items they want. I never really get awesome items but I still do it alot. I think I gambled a atma's scarab amulet and some cool rare stuff but thats about it.


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Chance for a unique when gambling: 1 in 2000. Chance for a unique ring being a Wisp Projector, BK ring or SoJ for a character who can gamble any ring: 1 in 59 for each. That gives you a chance of 1 in 118000 to gamble one.

My personal record is a Seraph's Hymn which is more rare than Mara's. It was +2 BTW.


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Welcome to the club. I love to gamble and other than the forums I haven't met many people who do gamble lol. I think that my most favorit gamble was a pally 2/20/20 circ saddly with only one socet but I still love it. Runner up I think is my bow zons circ 2 to skills with visionary mod.