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I want to introduce my new project Barb who is addicted to gambling. He will kill many monsters to earn wealth and after that he will spend all of this for gambling.

His skills

20 x Frenzy
20 x Sword Mastery
20 x BO
1 x Iron Skin
1 x Increased Speed
1 x Natural Resistance
1 x Taunt
1 x Double Swing
1 x Battle Cry
10 x Warcry
1 x battle Commands
5 x Find Item
5 in preqs
rest will go to Find item or Synergies to Frenzy

Arreats Face
Wealth Armor
Chance Guards
Goldwrap (upped)
Wartravelers or Gores
2 x Dwarfstars
+1 Barb +74 goldfind Amu
Dual Lemmed upped Alibabas
Stash Filed with GF charms
Gheed 125 GF/ 37 MF
2 x Masteries Charm with FHR (Enough i think)

It will give me 300 + 200 + 56 + 100 + 100 + 74 + 350 + 350 + 125 + ~200 =
~ 1900 GF and ~350 MF
Quite good i think

and now my questions
Is my skill layout good ?? Warcry ?? or Synergies ??
I will run mainly nightmare travincal and nightmare mephy
What could i socket in my Arreats ?? Sheal ?? Lem ?? Perfect topaz ?? sth else ??
Any improvements ??
:) and please dont say get BOtD insteed your Ali's :)




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I have to start with a warning: Gambling can be pretty addictive ;)

Try to search for "goldfind" there have been several threads on the subject.

A couple of notes:

1) WW, berserk or conc might be a better option than frenzy. Frenzy needs more synergies to be effective. It can be done though (I have 1 :D )

2) If you want to go with frenzy put more points in synergies rather than warcry (unless you have a really good merc)

3) Upped ali's are slow, do poor damage and have pretty high req's (142 str, 105 dex). So go get BOtD :lol:
Well - just pick something else. I tried ali's and its a pain to kill so slow - even in nightmare. I prefer kill rate than a bit higher mf/gf.

4) Lem the arreat - it fits the theme :) Or Go with CoT or perhaps IK helm with 2Xlem



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dymi said:
because i need him to tank not to kill :)
your goldfind adds to the mercs on their kills. so an eth wealth + lev'd CoT can add 450%gf. using a might merc will give you more dmg for your kills and with a nice weapon they can kill nm or even hell high council.

1900%gf is a very nice start but its a long way from 3990% :thumbsup: